The Long Way: The Way Home Book 2, May Archer

The Long Way by [Archer, May].

Wow.  This is my first book by this author and I am so very happily satisfied with the story and the writing as well.  The synopsis seemed gritty, angsty, frustrating, and had the potential for a really great romance as well.  In just about every way this book filled the brief.

My favorite thing about this book was that the romance didn't take precedence over the plot and that the plot didn't take precedence over the romance.  Make sense?  No?  Yeah, that's a little confusing, I know.  So here's what I mean...

There is so much loneliness in both men that they need someone who understands, accepts, and can love them for all the damaged souls they are and despite all the baggage they carry.  Throughout the story we have Cain and Damon getting to know one another in harrowing situations and learning to trust themselves and one another even though the circumstances are stacked against them.  They need love and some hot lovin' and at so many turns they could have become so wrapped up in one another that they might have let pasts and overwhelming drama go so they could forge their own future away from all of it.  They didn't, though, so we get to see that they have strength, fortitude, and a sincere desire to do what's right and not just think about themselves and the other man who could so easily complete them.  I mean, with chemistry this incendiary I'm surprised they weren't more distracted.  Loved their hotness together.  And then there was their banter when they finally become more comfortable with one another.  They prove that they have humor, passion, and trust building between them and making a really great foundation for a relationship that lasts beyond the roller coaster of drama they're riding.

And then there's the drama itself.  There's more than enough subterfuge, sin, and sinister plots to go around and we get to see it almost all the way through.  Well, just enough to move us along to Drew and Bas' story.  Since I didn't read The Easy Way featuring Cam and Cort's part in the story, I didn't get to see how things all started.  It is highly advised that you read book one, The Easy Way, first because quite a few plot points would make more sense as well as the relationships they all share.  Despite that, though, we get a clear enough view of all the craziness that makes up their world.  A father who is more than likely behind the crash that killed Cam and Bas' parents, a lying lover between Damon and Cain, mob ties, money and politics sharing a metaphorical bed, etc.  There are so many threads that weave in and around Damon and Cain that the problem and solution are both either very simple or very complex.  Their romance brings them together and helps them to solidify themselves as a true team to begin unraveling all these threads and bring them closer to finding who should be brought to justice.

So the plot encourages their romance to sink or swim and their relationship allows the plot to move forward by finding answers and truths behind guises.  Make more sense now?  Hopefully so.  Either way, it's apparent that I'm a fan.

Overall there are two men who make a great pair with and without the turmoil surrounding them.  There's a solid support cast that each get their own stories.  The villain is more complex than expected and even though the reasons behind terrible actions are valid and difficult to resolve, they don't justify what was done.  I'm eagerly anticipating Drew and Bas' story and am seriously hoping they get their own happiness together.  (I mean, the key chain thing?  Yeah, angst and hidden affection city!  So excited...)

 The Long Way, May Archer
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