An M/M Christmas, episode 1

Hot Mall Santa: A Christmas Novella by [Truman, A.J.] Home for Christmas by [Langley, Lina] Back Where He Belongs by [Starling, Isobel]

Hot Mall Santa: A Christmas Novella by [Truman, A.J.]This was a lot deeper than I thought it would be.  While assuming it was going to be a hot, short, and simple story of a Hot Mall Santa and an unlikely attraction between him and another mall employee enjoying a quick yet temporary bit of hotness, I quickly realized I was quite wrong.  Well, not completely wrong, just about the temporary part.  This was so much more than that and I was drawn in by both men.  I wish I got Randall's thoughts because he was much more complex than just a hot guy who was surprisingly attracted to seemingly average Tom.

Both of these men are judged by their outsides, just from opposite sides of the spectrum.  Just because the package has pretty wrapping doesn't mean the insides will match.  Tom has a big ole crush on his manager, a very attractive and very attached man.  Until Randall shows up and gives him a glimpse of something much more intriguing than a beautiful face.  There's so much more than what we see and Tom gets a dose of reality when he finds himself judging Randall on his beauty just like the rest of his admirers.  Fighting for forgiveness and rising above the habit of seeing books for only their covers, Tom makes some pretty permanent decisions.  And is Randall on board or is he more attached to his traveling lifestyle than to the possibility of more with Tom?

Such a cute story with more than a little hotness with a well-hung Santa.  Oh, and liberal use of carols and Christmas props in delightfully filthy ways...  3.5 stars.

 Hot Mall Santa, A.J. Truman

Home for Christmas by [Langley, Lina]The synopsis made this seem a bit more suspenseful and mysterious than what actually happened.  When the culprit was revealed it was pretty predictable from as soon as the character was introduced.  But when you read about Rory and Spencer together, you get sweetness and potential for something great.  This short story was cute and a good start to something great between two men that couldn't deny their pull toward one another no matter how they tried.  They were both simple and enjoyable men and the story surrounding them was the same.  3 stars.

 Home for Christmas, Lina Langley

Back Where He Belongs by [Starling, Isobel]This was a really sweet story of a man who didn't understand what he had until he left it.  Second chances and Christmas warmth bring this story a layer of depth that the length of it might not ordinarily provide.  Kier wants nothing more than to make up for all the pain he caused Douglas, his first and only love.  Dougie, however, isn't sure where he wants Kier to be in his life.  Old hurts simmer throughout most of the story and the issue of trust and true desires are broached in a way that allows us to see just how much Kier gave up and how much Dougie suffered when he ran away.  I think the issue of roles and trust wasn't broached completely and the whole story could have benefited from just one more chapter before the meeting with Kier's mother.  Aside from that, the puppy play was interesting (my first time ever reading this particular kink) and while not my cup of tea, I love and have raised dogs my whole life so I can understand where they're coming from and how it can be necessary.  Everything was tastefully written and this author knows how to make you feel for the characters and feel what they're feeling.  3.5 stars.

 Back Where He Belongs, Isobel Starling

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