Justice for Erin, Susan Stoker

Justice for Erin (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 9) by [Stoker, Susan]

Yet again Susan Stoker creates a heroine that truly is a heroine.  She saves herself as far as she can in so many ways it's astounding.  Erin is inspiring and still so vulnerable and damaged.  Conor is hot and so compassionate that he's the perfect man to bring Erin out from hiding.  Such a perfect MC pairing.

I love that Erin is very real.  She's troubled and dealing with the physical and emotional toll her past has inflicted on her.  With a mother who wishes her only ill and no father figure in her life she found a way to cope with all of that.  Her way of coping left scars of many types and isn't so different from ways that we as mere humans choose to deal with various stressors in our own lives.  Despite having such a giant issue holding her back from accepting everything that Conor is offering, she's honest, fun, and eager to learn and grow with him.  She might be holding part of herself back but she's honest with him that something is there.

Conor can see that there's something keeping her from being all-in in their relationship but he's patient, kind, understanding, and very observant.  So much so that he can make some close guesses as to what holds her back.  He's not willing to give up or allow distance to grow between them, though, and for that I am so proud.  There is undeniable sexual chemistry there and he's upfront about what he desires from her but doesn't add any pressure to it by giving her all the time in the world to accept them for all they could be before hoping she opens herself to him fully.  That love and patience is what really wins me over.  So many alpha males run in and push to solve all the problems that face their women but for him to show restraint at the same time as easing her out from underneath the pressure that weighs her down is what makes him such a good man.  His family is perfect and opens the door to them finally finding Erin's courage to confess everything.

Just when things are making their way to perfection and openness in every way something comes in and could possibly ruin everything...forever.  Erin is made of some seriously strong stuff, though, and she uses her brain and her body to survive and save herself.  If only it weren't for those ants...  Conor gets to see all the strength she possesses and finds himself truly humbled by her capability, fortitude, and sheer will to not just survive, but to rise above all that has happened to her.

There are parts that are a little over the top when describing heroism, strength, and praise for overcoming difficulties.  Not that it doesn't need to be said and it probably needs to be known a hundred times over because sometimes you just can't hear the words enough, but as a reader I found it a little repetitive and, as stated before, over the top.  I enjoyed the sentiments quite a lot, I just think it could have been a little more succinct.

Overall, this was a really great story with characters that were not only ideal for one another, but displayed character traits worth admiring and emulating.  Susan Stoker wrote wonderful human beings who were so very real and totally deserved the HEA she wrote for them.

 Justice for Erin, Susan Stoker

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