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This blog is really just a place for me to have a mostly one-sided conversation about books I read, especially about books I enjoy.  I'd like this to be somewhere that people could discuss what they agree or disagree about the books I post on this blog.  I post regularly to Amazon and Goodreads and have recently joined up on NetGalley so I have plenty of places to express my opinion, but I thought that with a blog it could be more of a discussion with a ton of people I never new existed.

Because let's be honest, Amazon reviews get read, processed, and then forgotten when someone is making a choice to buy the book or product.  Goodreads is similar if you don't have a large number of chatty friends to make comments on your reviews.  NetGalley is just between you and the author or publisher, mainly a one-sided thing where you read and report your review and based on those they decide if they want to continue giving you a chance to read their stuff.  Facebook is good for talking about stuff with your friends and acquaintances and even some authors, but I spend almost zero time on there so that's kind of moot for me, isn't it?  Countless blogs are stumbled upon daily by people who want more.  More information, more opinions, more tips, more, more, more.  So why not be another place to offer that more they're looking for?

And maybe, just maybe, an author I like or a book I've really enjoyed will benefit because of what I've had to say.  Someone might click on a link I've posted and buy a book or discover an author through what I post.  That would be quite lovely.  Maybe an author or publisher will find me here and introduce me to their work and thus continue this wonderful exchange of words in any way we experience them.

For me the purpose of this blog is quite simple.  Mainly I'd like to have a conversation about books, movies, anime, manga, or any other avenue of entertainment I might post on here.  After that would be to support people who create those things that entertain by spreading the word and links to connect blog readers to them.

So, hello!  I'm Megan and I'd like to have a chat.  Won't you join me?

 Megan, Amazon

Megan, Goodreads

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