Jace's Trial: Trials in Abingdon Book 1, JM Wolf

Jace's Trial (Trials in Abingdon Book 1) by [Wolf, JM]

There's something about grief that draws people together; the people you find who can bring you just comfort or maybe even true healing.  Gerard and Jace are more the latter than the former, though Gerard tries as hard as he can to offer only the comfort of one who understands true grieving.  Jace knows there's more to what they feel but he has his own demons to work through if something can ever grow between them.  When they both take steps towards healing and passion they find a complicated yet simple love that's meant to last despite the odd circumstances of their acquaintance.

I liked Jace's raw, real emotions.  He was numb at times and presenting a facade to the world because he hadn't had his break, that thing that tips him over the edge into fully dealing with the complete weight of what it means to be without his father.  Once he does, though, he finds the relief he desperately needed, a way out from his own self-induced fog of pretense.  And the encounter at the market with his past, the other part of his life he was hiding from, gave him the final key to a settling kind of peace, a real freedom.  Then there's his attraction to Gerard.  There's a passion there that feels believable even when you take into consideration their connection.

Now, those things aren't necessarily in chronological order for what happened in the book, but they're the key elements that brought the two men exactly what they needed for healing, peace, and a new chapter full of love.

 Jace's Trial: Trials in Abingdon Book 1, JM Wolf

Gerard's path was a bit different.  His past was a larger stumbling-block because of his parents' rampant homophobia as well as his experience in the military outside of his relationship with Riley.  And the connection to Jace is unsettling to say the least.  Having second-hand knowledge of the young man from his lover's perspective is blending with his own observations and he struggles to find the balance between attraction, fatherly advice, connection with Jace's idol and best friend and champion, and how to bring the true Jace out from his emotional haze.

I think that the complicated connection was dealt with in a realistic way.  It wasn't seedy or gritty in a taboo way.  Watching them come together both emotionally and physically was slow-going and mixed with arduous healing processes that made me believe that they could be a couple in a healthy way.  I'm eager to see their evolution on the periphery of Adam's story as they move into their own next phase.  We may not get much of them, but even the occasional glimpse through Adam and Jerrick's view will satiate my curiosity.  Overall, I loved these men and how they worked through an immensely difficult situation.  Their heat and hearts were palpable.  A fantastic story of the hell of grief, healing, and a tender May/December relationship with enough steam to scald the retinas.

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 Jace's Trial: Trials in Abingdon Book 1, JM Wolf

Not His Dragon: Not This Series Book 1, Annie Nicholas

Not His Dragon: Shifter Romance (Not This Series Book 1) by [Nicholas, Annie]

Right from the start we get a clear picture of the scattered Angie.  Being flustered right at the start makes for an amazing meet-cute with the dark and severely annoyed Eoin.  When Eoin "mistakes" her for a dragon encroaching on his territory he unwittingly opens the door to Angie's past, one she has no clue exists.  Angie's scratching business is finally starting to see success and there's no way she'll let an egotistical crazy man, even one who may or may not be incredibly attractive and compelling, drive her out of the city.  But desperation on both sides and Angie's bills combine to give them the opportunity to forge a connection, maybe a forever one.

An interesting take on mating rituals stood out to me the most in this story.  It was quite different from what we normally get with shifter stories.  Instead of a pull toward a fated mate, in this story we get regular dating but with a feeling similar to a mating frenzy going on inside because of circumstances rather than what we get in the fated-mate trope.  There's both a literal and a metaphorical take on the "mating dance" and the possibility of "cutting in" on that dance was a bit of a shock.  I kind of liked it.  No, I didn't like the potential for heartbreak and pain, but the concept was one that was so different that I couldn't hate it in the least.

There were a couple things that did bother me in this story, though.  First is the slightly sketchy side characters.  Some of them turn out to be rather innocent but still make you question if we're getting the whole truth.  It becomes unsettling because of who these people are and what their roles are as well.

Second is that important identity information was downplayed.  Angie's background is a mystery and when we finally see what she is and how rare she is, in more ways than one, the details are given the brush off when there were so many to be had about other dragons.  It felt like a cop out.  Like the author didn't want to go into detail for a world she didn't fully create rather than a feeling of acceptance and reluctance on the part of the MC's, but mainly for Angie.

The whole story overall is cute, funny, and sexy.  Between broody, committed Eoin and feisty, strong-willed Angie we get an interesting interplay of confusion, lust, softening, and love.  Both have a history to overcome if they want a happy future and I felt that they were a good match for one another.  Their passion was strong and their bond stronger.  The world that was created (as far as it was anyway...) was engaging and drew me in.  There are many characters I wouldn't mind finding out more about and am looking forward to their stories.

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 Not His Dragon: Not This Series Book 1, Annie Nicholas

Shelter for Elizabeth: Badge of Honor, Texas Heroes Book 5, Susan Stoker

Shelter for Elizabeth (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 5) by [Stoker, Susan]

A minor kitchen fire brings Beth and Cade together but that same element just might have the power to tear them apart.  While Beth is struggling with agoraphobia as a result of an intensely traumatic situation from her past, she can't help but be drawn to the large, handsome firefighter who seems to know just what she needs when the request for medical treatment might take her from the safety of her home.  Cade has a soft spot for damsels in distress.  He needs to be needed.  Lucky for him, his confidence that Beth is someone worth pursuing leads him into his ideal relationship.  But when that relationship is tested by hasty conclusions, harsh words, and dangerous new habits, it'll take more than a chivalrous nature to save what they're building.

As always, I love the way difficult situations are tackled by this author.  In this story there's counseling, not shying away from bad things, and complete honesty in behaviors.  It's not as simple as that list suggests, it's much more in-depth considering all that the characters experience and what they have to go through to find their happy ending.

 Shelter for Elizabeth: Badge of Honor, Texas Heroes Book 5, Susan Stoker

Beth was good, in her head a little much, but overall a great character struggling with traumatic events and their effects.  I enjoyed that she was brilliant, relatively resilient, a strong woman who knew what she was doing and why.  It would have been nice if she were completely transparent and forthcoming about her newest struggle with the man she was falling for but the fallout from that got her into a place to get the help she really needed.

Cade was solid.  Yes, his emotions and mouth ran away from him at times, but still a solid man who knows who and what he wants.  I wasn't a fan of Cade jumping to conclusions and then down her throat.  The way he spoke to Beth because of his misunderstandings of what she was really struggling with, the real reason behind her new coping mechanism, wasn't a way to get his point across or to hear hers either.  She pushed for him to open up and talk about what was bothering him really got them into that situation, but I can't say that waiting until the next morning would have been better either.

 Shelter for Elizabeth: Badge of Honor, Texas Heroes Book 5, Susan Stoker

Both the reunion and resolution were honest, painful, and full of love and acceptance.  The way the author orchestrated their reunion and then tackled the incident from Beth's past was a surprise and definitely necessary for her characters' evolution.  It opened doors for Beth to see a different perspective, to move beyond what happened and find healthy ways of coping with her situation.  It also gave us a sense of "completion" even though the individual struggles aren't magically healed for anyone that was involved.  What it did was bring it all full-circle allowing Beth to incorporate the healthy aspects into her recovery rather than allowing her to continue blocking out the experience and never fully addressing it so she can move beyond it.

Such a great story with a stellar ending.  So much happiness and love surrounding them to show that while struggles don't magically disappear at the words "The End," there's always support, compassion, and community backing you while you heal.

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Shelter for Elizabeth: Badge of Honor, Texas Heroes Book 5, Susan Stoker

The Heat, Alice Ward

The Heat by [Ward, Alice]

Sometimes the person you think is the enemy is actually your greatest ally and the enemy you find together has the power to ruin your future—with deadly intent.  Atlee is a crusader for the earth as an environmental lawyer.  She cares a little too much and lets her emotions get the best of her which makes her quite impulsive.  Finding herself in Malaysia with Earth's nemesis, a sexy-as-sin Wyatt Watts, she gets more than just a viral video for her environmental blog.  Wyatt didn't count on Atlee's brand of antagonism.  Or the men bent on using them for their own nefarious purposes.  They'll have to stop bickering if they have any hope of making it out alive.

Well...I certainly wasn't expecting the extreme trauma that either of these people went through.  It was intense, dramatic, harrowing, frustrating, and shocking.  I actually think it was a little too much.  It might have been fine if they hadn't spent a huge chunk of the book being generally not-awesome as both individuals and together.  If there were more of a basic relationship not based on their worst traits as individuals I could have tolerated all the crazy that they ended up in.  Instead, I kind of didn't even like the MC's through about 85% of the book.  While the ending was sweet and a great resolution for both of them, it was more like, "Well, good for them.  Glad they're happy now," rather than any kind of elation or relief that they made it through the other side of their horrific experience with love and a happy future ahead of them.

So here's what I thought of Atlee and Wyatt.  It's not all positive, so here goes...  Wyatt is appalling, rude, disgusting, and reprehensible.  He has a great intention to fix the wrongs his company has done in the name of profit and I do believe his heart is in the right place concerning that.  He's moved by the atrocities he sees when he visits the plantation and the way he feels about Atlee's tears is pretty sweet but those moments are so few and far between as well as being eclipsed by his generally lousy behavior that I'm just not a fan.  He doesn't even seem to change all that much because we don't really get to see his evolution.  His "come to Jesus" moment is really more of a realization of what he wants with Atlee rather than a fundamental change in his behavior.  Atlee is impulsive, self-righteous, uneducated for all the hate she spews, and definitely emotional.  At every turn she's hugely reactionary and frustrating.  She also doesn't seem to change much by the end either despite falling in love with Wyatt.

I think even more than the individual character flaws which sometimes (though rarely) came off as humorous, it was the lack of settling.  There wasn't enough to feel like they've truly come to terms with what happened individually and collectively.  No mentions of counseling were made either.  They went through something ridiculously awful and what they had to do to survive what did and could have happened to them needed more page time, even one page would be better than the nothing we get.  The resolution was short, kind of a let-down, and despite the cute proposal set-up, it felt scattered because of the POV we witnessed it through.  So overall, there were some major issues that I had with the story and characters.  The author, however, is still amazing because she did write compelling situations and the whole thing was written well, it was just the elements that didn't appeal to me rather than her talent that put me off the story.

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 The Heat, Alice Ward

Catching Callie, Claire Woods

Coming July 12, 2018,
a sports star and a mystery kiss.
Will it be game, set, match...
or will they both lose?

 Catching Callie, Claire Woods

The Press labeled me campuses “DIRTY PLAYER.”

The scandal I'm caught in just made the national news, ESPN, & Sports Illustrated.

Forced to hide out in a small beach town until I can clear my name, the last thing I expected was to run into her.


First, she stole my breath, then my heart. But she wants nothing to do with me.

Even my killer smile, panty-melting grin, and cut abs aren't reeling her in.

She ran.


I have six weeks to find my mystery girl, get my reputation back, and prove to her I’m not a dirty player: I’m her prince. The football field is the domain I where I rule, but her heart is the next thing I’m going to capture.

Something tells me Catching Callie is going to be the biggest win of all.


This is a standalone new adult romance. No cliffhanger, No cheating, HEA.

This is a standalone, full-length novel.

*** THE FORECAST IS SCORCHING! So if heat isn't your cuppa... use caution! ***

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 Catching Callie, Claire Woods

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 Catching Callie, Claire Woods
What the heck?
I almost trip on a pile of clothes. Pausing, I look in all directions. There’s no one else here. But then out in the water, under a beam of blinding moonlight, a dark head bobs.
“Crazy idiot. Sharks feed at night.” I shake my head. Looking back down, I grin recognizing the gray hoodie.
It can’t be.
Gingerly, I bend down, taking it in my hands.
It smells like him.
My breasts tingle, thighs ache. 
With no one to see me, I press it to my nose and close my eyes. The fragrance industry sure knows what they’re about. My hormones are driving the bus, and I’m tempted to strip my clothes off and ride that pony swimming in the moonlight.
But I don’t.
I have a better idea instead.
Snagging the rest of his clothing, I jog away from the surf and towards the dunes covered in shadows.
“HEY!” He calls out swimming furiously towards shore.
But summer boy doesn’t know these beach paths as I do. He doesn’t stand a chance.
Especially naked.
But how could I know he’s as fast as an Olympian?
He tackles me from behind—I fall, face planted in the sand. His clothes acting as a barricade saves my face from sand scrapes.
“What the hell?” He mutters, turning me over.
“Fanny pack?”
“Um… hi?”
“Well, this is interesting.” He smiles down on me, elbows planted in the sand on either side of my body. 
Oddly, I’m not afraid of being pinned down in the moonlight by this handsome stranger—until—it dawns on me he’s naked as the day he was born. Something hard rocks into the cradle between my hips causing me to gasp as he shifts his weight.
“Sorry,” he rolls to the side for a second giving me room to get up. “Fuck it. I’m not sorry.” He rolls back on top of me, tracing a finger over my stunned, parted lips. “I made a wish on a star tonight. Haven’t done that since I was ten. And here you are, showing up here like a thief in the moonlight. Technically, you are a thief. Maybe I should call the cops on you, baby?”
I can’t answer. It’s happening to me again, and I’m helpless to stop it. 
I’m drowning on dry land, star gazing into his eyes as his head lowers a breath from mine. “Thank you for turning the shittiest day I ever had, into the best one,” he murmurs capturing my lips.
Instinctually, my thighs open, womb wanting to cradle his hips and invite him inside.
“So sweet,” he murmurs against my lips a second before his tongue boldly comes out to play with mine. “But you won’t be needing this.” With a smirk, he unclasps the buckle to my fanny pack tossing it next to my sneakers that dropped when he caught me. His lips never leave mine. He does this so smoothly and skillfully as if seduction is his profession.
Elliott never kissed me like this. Hell, I doubt even Jamie Dornan can kiss like this. 
My hands clutch his head, nails raking through his hair as I hungrily kiss him back.
His hands come up under my shirt, never breaking our kiss. I hiss at the spot on my ribs where the pavement scraped me.
He lowers his head to inspect the marks his hands feel.
“Did I do this baby?”
My reply is a gasp as he trails a fire of kisses along my ribcage up to my breasts. He unclasps the front snap bra I put on, and my breasts spring free from confinement.
“Christ, you’re beautiful,” he moans, worshiping my breasts with his wet tongue, licking and sucking them.
He rolls back on his heels one arm around my back to lift me closer to his hungry mouth. The large palm on his other hand presses my breasts together so that he can suck both nipples at the same time.
“Oh. My. God.” My voice sounds crazy even to my ears. 
I’m on fire. My clit’s swollen, my body’s primed and ready to go.
I feel his smile against my skin as he drops one hand, cupping my sex hard. 
I nearly break my nose on his chin as my body jolts like it’s been struck by a live wire.
“What is it.”
“Huh?” I’m lost at sea. Hungry, weak and completely disoriented by his mad voodoo make out skills.
“You’re name, cupcake.”
My eyes lower to his dick. He’s unashamed, almost proud of it as he catches me dropping my eyes.
It’s beautiful.
I’ve never thought dicks were beautiful. Maybe I cracked my head on the concrete.
The man must be thirteen or fourteen hard inches, and he’s thick as fuck. 
“It fits.”
“My size. It’s proportionate to my body.”
My face flames. Am I really taking to the stranger who almost killed me about his dick size? 
Shaking my head, I curse myself.
“This is not happening,” I gesture between the two of us.
“Why not?” He whispers looking, hurt?
“Because,” I answer standing up and brushing the sand from my legs, “last time I was out here with a naked guy behind the dunes it didn’t end well.”
“Did he hurt you?” His fists clench as he stands.
“Not that way… although, I can attest that having sex on sand is not as hot as you’d think.”
He cocks an eyebrow, “Oh, fanny. We’d burn so hot—the ocean would catch fire.”
He grabs his shorts and turns around. I bite my lip. His ass is just as fine as the rest of him. Every muscle is cut, lines delineating each part.
Before I can think, I swipe his shirt and take off.
“Fanny? Are you running again?” He laughs behind me. “I don’t need to chase you when we have a habit of running into one another.”
And honestly, I’m not running from him. I’m running from myself.

 Catching Callie, Claire Woods

Author Bio

Claire Woods lives in upstate New York with her dog Ginger and a room full of books. She's horribly shy, never misses a UFC Fight, and has a horrible addiction to sushi and banana peppers (maybe even eating them together). 

Books have been her means of escape. It's been a long-standing dream of Claire's to travel to Australia where she hopes to find a hot rugby player to sweep her off her feet and romance her on Bondi Beach while petting koala's and drinking champagne at midnight.  (this might be her next book) 

Until then, she'll have to write her perfect man on paper while waiting for him to magically appear. 

You never know, stranger things have happened.

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Wicked, Wild, Wanton. M. Malone and Nana Malone

Three new novels from the author duet M. Malone and Nana Malone...

July 31, 2018
What could be worse than catching your creepy boss in an inappropriate position? Hearing him say your name...

This day couldn't get any worse for Bailey.
She just saw her boss Mr. Dent's extremely unimpressive... dent. A night of drinking with her best friend is exactly what she needs. Hunter is always there for her. The perfect Mr. Nice Guy.

This day couldn't get any better for Hunter.
He just saw Bailey’s perfect curves soaped up in the shower and all his dreams are coming true. Until she won't return his calls the next day.
Bailey wants to pretend none of it happened but Hunter just needs one chance to prove their attraction is real. He’s finally going to show her he’s not that...nice.

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August 14, 2018
Talia Hamilton has one mission. To have fun in college and for once, break out of her shell. So who does she end up dancing with on her first night clubbing? Cage Ward, the star of all her high school dirty dreams and the only man to ever break her heart.

So much for breaking free.

Cage Ward should be enjoying the single life. But all it takes is one kiss from a mystery girl on the dance floor and he wants to brand her as his. That is...until he realizes the sexy girl with lips to tempt and a body for sin, is his best friend’s little sister. The same girl he just promised to keep his hands, lips, and dick off of.

So much for friendship.

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August 28, 2018

After getting dumped, the last thing Trevor Hamilton wants is to take on his advisor’s niece as a new roommate. For starters she’s hot. Like sexy librarian hot. But he needs his advisor’s recommendation for a job after he graduates, so he’s going to keep his dirty little fantasies to himself… and stay far away from his sexy little roomie.

Natalie Washington is done with men. After her last dating disaster, she can’t afford to get derailed again. So when her aunt claims to have found her the perfect roommate, she’s willing to give it a shot. He’s one of her aunt’s best students, so how distracting could he be?

Then Trevor opens the door to their apartment, muscled, shirtless, tattooed and so… arrogant. How can one guy be such a dick? He’s bossy, and annoying...and scorching hot. Too bad he knows it.

As the battle lines get drawn, they’re each determined to ignore, or annoy, the other. Who will end up on top?

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M. Malone

NYT & USA Today bestselling author M. Malone lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and their two sons. She holds a master's degree in Business from a prestigious college that would no doubt be scandalized by how she's using her expensive education.

Independently published, she has sold more than 1/2 million ebooks in her two series, THE ALEXANDERS and BLUE-COLLAR BILLIONAIRES. Since starting her indie journey in 2011 with the runaway bestselling novella "Teasing Trent," her work has appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than a dozen times.

She's now a full-time writer and spends 99.8% of her time in her pajamas.

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Nana Malone

USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone's love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense novel she "borrowed" from her cousin.

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She's been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination constantly channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as brazen and kick-butt as she thinks she is.

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Wildest Dreams: Sweetbriar Cove Book 7, Melody Grace

 Wildest Dreams: Sweetbriar Cove Book 7, Melody Grace

The newest addition to Sweetbriar Cove!
July 9, 2018...

Wildest Dreams: Sweetbriar Cove Book 7, Melody Grace

Paige Bennett is ready for an adventure. She’s spent her life being the good girl, but after another underwhelming break-up, she decides it’s time to shake things up. No more diets, Spanx, and searching for Mr. Right. She wants passion and excitement… And she knows just the man for the job.

Bad boy chef, Declan Nash, lives by three simple rules: 1) Life’s too short for cheap whiskey. 2) Everything tastes better with butter, and 3) Good girls mean trouble. So when the sweet, polite Paige proposes he teach her about life on the wild side, he knows he should steer clear. But it turns out, Paige is hiding a few surprises of her own…

Their connection is immediate, and soon, this unlikely couple is heating things up in Sweetbriar Cove. But will they take a risk search of new love? Or will the sparks between them burn out with the fireworks on Fourth of July?

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Also Available...
 Meant to Be: Sweetbriar Cove Book 1
*FREE on Amazon!

All for You: Sweetbriar Cove Book 2, Melody Grace

The Only One: Sweetbriar Cove Book 3, Melody Grace

 I'm Yours: Sweetbriar Cove Book 4, Melody Grace

 Holiday Kisses: Sweetbriar Cove Book 5, Melody Grace

 No Ordinary Love: Sweetbriar Cove Book 6, Melody Grace

Coming Soon...
This Kiss (Sweetbriar Cove Book 8) by [Grace, Melody]
Releasing November 12, 2018

Author Bio

NYT bestselling author, a SoCal transplant, and sexy romance junkie ;) I never say no to ice-cream...

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Radical Hearts: Deviant Hearts Book 2, A.E. Ryecart

Radical Hearts (Deviant Hearts Book 2) by [Ryecart, A E ]

Lee is secretive, controlled, dark, and severe when we meet him in Captive Hearts.  But with a complete life change and a low moment during a downpour, he finds a surprise that just could maybe bring light and peace into his life.  I liked Lee quite a lot in this story.  He did seem like a completely different person, however, from the man we met before.  There wasn't a true seamlessness between who we met and who we're reintroduced to.  Both men are worthy of love, worthy of true freedom and future, but whether they really are the same person is debatable.  What I will say about this new Lee is that there's a captivating amount of softness and vulnerability in him.

Dominic instinctively knew that there was something inside of Lee that was worth getting to know.  His eagerness and inner strength in addition to his youth and self-assurance made for an intriguing package that drew Lee in just as strongly.  Their interactions were well-balanced and their connection was strong right from the start.  The lives they'd both lived up to this point gave them each the tools necessary to provide a safe place for both of their hearts.  Each one could open up about their pain and frustrations and while surprised at the acceptance both men displayed, they were both relieved that their fears of rejection were quashed.

The drama that surrounded both men was both a surprise and a bit predictable.  I could feel that there was going to be a helluva huge family connection drama, especially since that was the source of so much pain for one of the men, but the more intense drama surrounding the Save Charlie movement was what surprised me.  It was big, violent, scary, and the hints and intimations all throughout prepared us for the who, but definitely not the final confrontation.

Despite the high level of drama that surrounded and guided many of Dominic and Lee's interactions, there's an undeniable chemistry and compatibility between the men.  There's also an incredible amount of tenderness between them that I wasn't expecting.  I loved these two men and rooted for them the entire time, even when they fell back into old coping habits.  There was a future for them that could bring them both true healing and a sense of peace that will sustain them far beyond what they could have ever achieved on their own.  From the start we knew these men would have a hard road to travel to get their HEA and while that road was certainly littered with blockades and potholes, they made it through to the other side together.  It was intense yet tender amongst all the crazy they had to live through.

*$3.99 on Amazon or FREE on KU!
 Radical Hearts: Deviant Hearts Book 2, A.E. Ryecart

Knitting a Broken Heart Back Together, Ari McKay

Knitting a Broken Heart Back Together by [McKay, Ari]

Two men hoping for love that will last a lifetime.  Tomy's anticipated hopes were crushed but Jason hopes for a chance to change Tomy's mind with his own hope for love.  When Tomy's disappointment opens the door for Jason to show Tomy that the right man for him is still waiting it leads to a very slow-burn, gradual deepening of affections between the two men.

Tomy was cautious, vulnerable, hurt, and lost.  A far cry from the happy, flirty, confident man we meet in the beginning with the easy smiles and eager happiness.  While I do feel there's a certain amount of depth missing despite all that we know about him, I still think he's a good character.  He's a solid guy that we root for from the very start.  His honest reticence in beginning something or jumping into the club scene in an attempt to get over his ex is admirable and I like that it gave Jason a chance to show Tomy just what he could have instead.

I liked Jason quite a bit.  He's a giant of a man with the softest, most earnest heart ever.  All he wants out of life is love and happiness and there's something about Tomy that calls to that part of him.  Jason is direct, yet subtle.  He knows Tomy isn't ready for something more romantic but for all Jason does to further their friendship he makes just enough overtures to stay out of the friend-zone.

Their dance, both figuratively and literally, stokes a slow-burning passion that creates a far better foundation for the men than the years of shallow interest Tomy mistook for love from Sean.  The story was light, happy, and a very easy read.  There were times that it felt like it dragged.  When I say it's a slow-burn type of story, slow is the operative word here.  Months and months go by of dance classes, knitting projects, and awkwardly withheld flirting.  Once they were on the same page, though, the tender passion they feel for one another is palpable and I felt myself breathing out, "Finally...!"  The end of the story was equally tender and sweet rounding out the light, heartfelt story of love and healing broken hearts.

$5.00 on Amazon
 Knitting a Heart Back Together, Ari McKay

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Cease Fire: Omega Sector Under Siege, Janie Crouch

Cease Fire (Omega Sector: Under Siege) by [Crouch, Janie]

There's nothing I love more than a woman who kicks ass and sticks up for herself and others.  Keira is made of win.  She has a fire and a passion inside of her that couldn't be extinguished by an anguishing past.  Roman is an amazing partner to her.  Someone who understands what it means to be human, frail, and vulnerable.  He allows her freedom within the bounds of protection and is always in her corner.

Well, except for their one falling out that caused a two-month separation, but not for the reason Keira or Roman's mother thinks.  The depth of his feeling was intense and more than he could handle and adding in his mother's manipulation, his fear won out and he pulled away.  Their reunion was realistic, frustrating, and perfect for the story.  Adding in the drama surrounding the Omega Sector and you get one hell of a ride.

Cease Fire: Omega Sector Under Siege, Janie Crouch

The complexities of character were there mostly in Keira and while not as strong in Roman, it didn't diminish the strength of his character in the least.  I do wish that Keira had told off Roman's mom or at least silently maintained her backbone instead of retreating inside herself.  Roman's dedication to her and his actions showed only support and commitment.  Making decisions for someone else based on insecurity and/or manipulation is wrong no matter what the intention behind it is.  I was very glad for Roman's intuitiveness to head off any other foolish separations with his honesty and insightful questions and declarations.

The danger to Keira was a bit unexpected and made the novel more focused on Keira and Roman's story rather than the underlying plot for the entirety of the Omega teams in regards to Freihof.  Freihof is more of a puppeteer and his role is far from over and will be continued in more of the Under Siege series.  For Roman and Keira, though, Freihof orchestrated a confrontation between them and Keira's harrowing past.  The conclusion of which was surprising with the character that rode in to save the day.  Such a great story with an awesome ending that was perfect for the MC's and their evolution.

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 Cease Fire: Omega Sector Under Siege, Janie Crouch