The Cabin, Alice Ward

The Cabin by [Ward, Alice]

The original of this story was a short novella contained in a box set called Hot & Sinful Nights.  That collection is no longer on Amazon but this particular story was expanded and made even better.

Gray is isolating himself from his past, Zoe is running from hers. With scars like they both carry, can they overcome their individual history to make a future together?

I like how compassionate Zoe is. She's struggling so much with something that happened to her and isn't sure how to truly heal from it. She also has all kinds of drama in the form of a mother with a rather...interesting profession. The cabin she's borrowing is proving to be just the place she needs to find rest, peace, solitude. Until a blizzard arrives. Unfamiliar with how blizzards escalate in backwoods Montana she soon finds herself in precarious situation.

Gray comes to her rescue and is drawn to more than just her distress, there's something inside her that calls to him, feels so right. But he can't give in for fear of betraying his heart. Or can he? His quiet strength and goodness are balms to her soul. Her soul-deep familiarity is a balm to his. He gives in to his feelings and they find passion, compassion, and so much healing that even though their courtship is fast, they find something lasting. The game of Truth or Dare allows them to bypass the length of time it takes usual couples to get to know one another and they also jump right into the deep stuff. With those two things they find that a foundation can be built on trust and depth and discover that time will only strengthen what they already feel, what they already know.

There is an incredible amount of hotness as well as enough humor and bonding.  Overall this makes the story memorable and moving.  Dealing with issues of rape, murder, incredible loss, porn, tantra, and the healing power of love and compassion Alice Ward seems to, yet again, pack a ton of deep issues into a story without becoming overwhelming.  Pulling the feels right out of you, this is a solid book and a joy to read for the (kind of) second time.

*Currently only 99¢!

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