Omega's Heart: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch

Omega's Heart (Hood Ridge Omegas Book 3) by [Lynch, Reegan]

I was expecting a confrontation, a misunderstanding, a blow up of some kind.  What I was not suspecting was what we got at the end.  To say that this was surprising is a bit of an understatement.  The confrontation could have happened between so many parties, one of which was kind of expected, but the way that it went down was a bit shocking.  For it to come out the way it did?  Well, it's hard to see that there's only one more book in the series.  How will she wrap up all these tangled threads?

We get more from Luke and Cecil in this story and I'm glad they find one another.  The way Luke goes out of his way to make Cecil more comfortable and feel truly safe is noble and sweet.  In Omega's Choice we get a hint that there's more to Cecil's part than what was ordered of the twins as a unit.  Here though, it's like that's forgotten.  Cyril is much more interested in getting their job done and getting back home.  He's not open to any kind of "truth" that might come from the "enemy" pack because he's so single-minded about what was promised him by his pack leader.  Cecil, however, gets a much different view.  By being more of a quiet thinker than his brother, Cecil looks at what the Hood Ridge pack actually looks like and how it functions.  He can see truth for what it really is and what might have been lies that he'd been fed his entire life.  But being the quieter of the duo he's also in a place of seeming subservience to his brother's take-charge attitude.  Willing to be sheltered and protected by Cyril's bolder attitude up to now makes it difficult for his own voice to be heard.

The one person that does hear his voice and respects the things he doesn't say is Luke.  Luke is a good man who wants Cecil for all that he is on his own.  After seeing Ira for more than just the Three Rivers plant in the beginning I have hope that he'd be willing to see beyond Cecil's orders because the real puppet master isn't the twins or Ira.  Will he get the chance?

I can see Ira and Mal really growing into their relationship and I think they're becoming a much stronger pair.  The last book's drama will test them, for sure, but with the bond they're creating it'll be more of a test of how the packs will see them and react to their offspring.

Really though, I wish there was so much more in the way of communication between characters.  The holding back of secrets is understandable but quite annoying since we just had two books before do the same exact thing.  And I also think that Cecil should find a way to talk to Ira since he's made a change for the better here.  Use your resources, people!

There's a big ending here that makes me wonder if everything can be wrapped up, confessed to, revealed, and resolved in just one more story.  I'm looking forward to how Reegan pulls this off.

 Omega's Heart: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch

Omega's Gift (Hood Ridge Omegas Book 4) by [Lynch, Reegan]
 Omega's Fate: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch

I’ve made my choices. I chose to stay in Three Rivers and love Mal, when I was supposed to kill him. When my father sent people to take me back to my old Pack, I chose to fight for life—mine, and the one growing within me. 

Now, there’s just one more fight.

War comes at last, a full out invasion by Hood Ridge that threatens everything and everyone I care about. My mate and I have made it through so much together, Alpha and Omega, fated mates… but this could be the end. Only one Pack will make it out of this alive; only one Alpha will stand triumphant at the end.

Mal leaves to go lead our Pack in a desperate battle—and as the fight for our future begins, so do my contractions.

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