Addicted to Six, Kelly Kennedy

Addicted to Six by [Kennedy, Kelly]

Two men who didn't seem to fit found not just a partner but acceptance, challenge, frustration and love.  This story was shallow at first but quickly grew on me as I saw Tyler acting impressively mature.   Jackson seemed like he was older, aloof, and very much in the closet.  That was mostly true, but he was so tender and scared on the inside that Tyler's assurance and devotion was something Jackson needed to find his own emotional confidence.  They were a good match for one another despite Jackson's immaturity and Tyler's cockiness.  Jackson's struggle with accepting both what Tyler was offering as well as his own status was honest and frustrating.  Not everyone has an easy story to tell to themselves and others when they're discovering parts of themselves they never knew were there. 

I wasn't expecting the work drama to be what it was but it was well-written and paved the way for both misunderstandings as well as reconciliation.  With the ending as it was I'm kind of both hoping for and dreading a sequel.  There were hints to bigger and better things and more relationship angst despite Tyler's confidence and determination to stay strong with and for Jackson.   Even with that, though, there was a positive, passionate note to the ending that if there weren't one it would be alright.

I had some issues with how certain things were performed in the bedroom with lack of discussion, lube, and prophylactics more often than not.  There was, however, undeniable connection and loyalty and trust that the issues, while not overlooked, they became less of a militant frustration for me and more of an eye-rolling situation.   Like, I still don't condone spit as lube, skipping condoms without discussions about testing, and minimal prep for back door newbies and I never will, but with this particular couple I merely eye roll at the author's lack of discussion and try to suspend reality for those moments.

Overall this was a really great story that grew on my after the first third.   Such a good story with a really great MC pairing and tons of passion.  Steamy and sweet in equal measure (well, more on the steam side probably) with a satisfying conclusion despite Sam's hints and maneuverings.

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 Addicted to Six, Kelly Kennedy

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