Resurrected: Alpha's Warlock Book 2, Kris Sawyer

Resurrected (Alpha's Warlock Book 2) by [Sawyer, Kris]

This was a good continuation.  We begin with just as much uncertainty and confusion as we were left with when Cursed ended.  Here, however, we're given an additional "bonus" of emotional angst and an ever-widening gap between Clyde and Terry.  Terry is committed to finding out about the past that was stolen from him and Clyde is so uncertain about what the truth is.  He wonders if his feelings are getting in the way of truth but can't bear to let Terry go.  They're both struggling under the weight of the unknown.  There's something else at work, though, someone banished to memory and secrecy...but not for long.  With the pack's future hanging on by a thread and Terry's presence bringing more turmoil than it soothes the lovers are unsure of where their future lies.

So making a decision for them both, Terry goes off in search of his past.  But the darkness that clings to him from the land between is another unknown that threatens everything.  There's a new power in him that he needs to learn to control or it will control him.  There are also the people in the past that he finds.  I can't say I'm a fan of his avoidance and acceptance of affection with Dominic.  For being so connected to and devoted to Clyde, he should have, after the first instance, encouraged more distance from his past because it would be the right thing to do.  Then the thing with the council, I can see that coming to haunt him in the next book.

I was far more excited by this book than Cursed and have high hopes for where this whole story will go.  There's Terry's new power, Clyde's new Alpha status, a pack divided, a war brewing, factions and mysteries at every turn...there are a lot of places to go with this.

 Resurrected: Alpha's Warlock Book 2, Kris Sawyer

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