Someone to Watch Over Me, Iris Morland

Someone to Watch Over Me (The Thorntons Book 5) by [Morland, Iris]

Out of all the Thorntons' stories I think I wanted to read Seth's the most. Someone broken finding a purpose and a companion fills me with hope and happiness. When he came across Rose, someone just as broken as him, it was like someone ignited a spark, something deep inside that couldn't be extinguished. Through all their confusing stops and starts that spark remained and when they finally let down their walls enough, they fed it and it grew to become not just a fiery passion, but a blaze of love.

A bit too flowery of a description? Yeah, I thought so too. But imagery aside, that's kind of what it was. More than a passing interest remained within Seth despite not seeing her often and with all of his protective instincts, as well as his libido, being turned on he couldn't help but want to stick close to her. Once she finally let him in, though, his demons well and truly caught up with him and he made the mistake of trying to turn her away.

Even though she could mentally understand what Seth was doing and why, it didn't make it any easier, especially when her past caught up with her and was set to trap her. I liked Rose's fierce nature but she was impulsive and lacked the foresight enough to actually protect those around her. She didn't actually grow up through all the years on the run, but she grew wary enough to arm herself with skills and knowledge. That I respected and admired. It's when it's a choice between her or someone else that she doesn't see how there could be any other option that makes her revert back to the naive 20 year old that Johnny trapped in the first place. When worse came to worst for her though, she used her brain and was determined to survive and I grew to truly love her character.

Rose and Seth together were a good match and I was really happy to read that they both sought outside help once all the drama died down. Throughout the story they were tossed from passion to nothing and back again, then from crises to crises. There weren't a lot of moments where they shared all the little things that are important in getting to know someone. Without that I wasn't sure that I would believe their lasting love by the end of the book but with all the craziness out of the way they could finally catch up on all that made them who they were. The big stuff was revealed like strength, tenacity, passion, intensity, values, but the little things that made them unique and specifically them wasn't learned until later.  They were allowed to grow as individuals and to grow closer together as well. Finding healing in one another and encouragement to seek outside help to make that healing more permanent.

Overall, this was a tender story with more than enough drama in their individual lives to last a lifetime. They were well on their way to their own HEA and I'm excited to see how they progress through Jubilee and Heath's own frustrating journey.

 Someone to Watch Over Me, Iris Morland

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