The Pretend Husband, Declan Rhodes

The Pretend Husband: Romance In the City, Book 1 by [Rhodes, Declan]

Alex and Liam were very likable characters. They were both the nicest, most accommodating guys that happened to find themselves living together. What harm would it be to pretend they were more than just housemates? Everyone already thinks they're a couple and it would make things easier for Liam with a possible museum really, how bad could it be?

There's a general feeling that things will get bad and that things will be revealed and then they'll have to put out that fire while trying to salvage a relationship they weren't expecting. Things didn't get bad, the truth was revealed but only to those who were closest to them, and the relationship between Alex and Liam was building and growing into something neither expected but secretly hoped for. This general summary doesn't really capture the niceness and sweetness and happy coexistence that the men shared, though. It also doesn't capture the good friends that they have and how much of a support they all became to them.

When they finally got around to confessing things it wasn't until after things got more ways than one. Watching them adjust to living together and the way Alex took care of Liam was very sweet. I can't help feeling that there could have been a solution to his job situation if he were open to his talents and thoughts. There was a hint at a career change possibility but it just turned out to be an errant thought. He didn't seem driven to be a teacher and with how things worked out it was like their future was just gifted to them. It would have been nice if everyone were honest with themselves and others a lot sooner but then the book would have been much shorter and I can't see that being very satisfying in the end either.

Overall this was a really simple story. The dialogue was generally good but I couldn't help feeling that I was missing something. Everything was very superficial, not in a catty, vapid way, just that I didn't feel deeply from or about either of these men.  No matter, though, because if you're looking for simple, sweet, and a satisfying conclusion, this is a good book to go with.

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My favorite line from the book:
"I recognized a hole that existed in my life which only a cold nose and a happy tail would fill."
                                                                          -Liam, The Pretend Husband

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