The Party Crasher, Erin Bevan

The Party Crasher: Novella by [Bevan, Erin]

This was such a cute story!  With two people who need a boost for their own future and with one giant bunny/cake collision, they find that their future and their present have just met their match.   They both have the mayor in common but secrets and jobs go hand in hand, right?   Well they do for this couple.

Kit is doing her best to make order and a success out of her life by working for the city.  Her youth was a bit of a mess because she lived her life fast and crazy.  A disapproving father and a wake-up call both serve to help her see that she needs to get on with her life in an adult way.   Her job with the city as an event planner is a sure way to make success and approval her own but only if things don't stop going wrong with the annual Easter picnic in the park!   One problem after another pile up until she herself piles right into the mayor's son.   The fallout isn't pretty and when the handsome victim extends a hand to her she takes it, and runs.  Well, they don't get very far because her sense of self-preservation kicks in and she decides that she should go back to her own vehicle instead of the cute stranger.  Until she sees the mess she was running from.  Responsibility and pride can catch up to her later, she needs a drink.   And who should she find in the bar down the road but her knight in cake-covered armor...

Brant is trying to stay out from his father's political shadow and as far from his step-mother as possible. In town to open his new bar he finds that he's short an event planner.   Little does he know that one just fell into his lap, literally.  And when he finds her at the competing bar attempting to dull the ache of the mess at the park, he's determined not to let her get away a second time.   Seeing her distress, he offers her a job.  After introducing himself under a false name.  Yeah, because that's not going to come back to bite him...

Together they find camaraderie and friendship and even love to go with their instant attraction.  With such a short courtship there's not a lot of time to build trust and confidence in their relationship and those two things are put to a serious test on opening night for Betsy's.  As they figure out truth from misunderstandings and jealousies we get to see that they're truly good for one another and they're on their way to a truly happy HEA.  Their life together sure won't lack for amusement or excitement, that's for sure!  This was a really cute story that made me wish for more.  The ending was good but I can't help wanting to see more from this couple, I enjoyed them quite a lot.

 The Party Crasher, Erin Bevan

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