Mr. Fixit, Lauren Landish

Mr. Fixit by [Landish, Lauren]

Yeah, so I kind of loved this book. It was funny, sweet, sexy, just long enough to feel complete, just short enough to not drag, and the MC's were awesome together. When I first signed up to read this I was like, "Well, why not. It'll probably be like so many others with a cocky guy that's hung and thinks he's God's gift so let's hope the girl brings him down a notch and sweetens him up." Turns out I was about 75% right with that. I left the book to the last minute to read because I was sure I was going to like it only a bit and I was so wrong; I liked it a ton. I love being wrong about that.

Caleb was definitely cocky but he wasn't a prick about it. He had personal standards and is a genuinely good man. He's got friends that keep him grounded and a past that keeps him from committing. His interest in Cassie is that of a friend-zone friend that he doesn't want to lose to. They make great banter partners and serve to keep one another both amused and on edge for that next perfectly placed barb of snark and wit. I smiled a lot while reading their back and forth. Caleb's past isn't something that gets a lot of page time until near the end and it feels right that way. There wasn't a lot of angst build up by giving a lot of hints at pain, loss, misplaced hopes, etc throughout the story. Instead, there was a natural place for all of that to come out both when the reader and Cassie was ready to hear it all. Well done that. His ghosting was predictable and disappointing for those of us hoping he'd just be an unreal version of any dude and just happily accept his walls crumbling and his feelings growing. No, the author just had to go and be realistic about that kind of situation...well, fine, be all accurate and a good writer and stuff. =] His turnaround is totally sweet and hopeful and I'm glad for how he got it together.

Cassie was a bit damaged, a ton of fun, passionate, determined, hard working, a natural flirt, and a good woman. She was a great match for Caleb in every aspect and then even more when they decided to take things to the bedroom. That was all kinds of hot. Cassie has an organic sensuality and is sexually confident, which I totally appreciate because that's more empowering as a female reader in my opinion. To see her accept herself for all that she is even if she discovers jealousy and love where she cautioned herself to avoid it was touching. She has so much to offer, so much heart and love to give and Caleb could find healing through her affection. The way she gives is both sweet and absolutely steamy.

Together they had a great chemistry both in and out of the bedroom. The supporting cast is great too, they are probably featured in other books by this author and would be worth getting to know. Overall, this was a really surprisingly fantastic book that I'm happy to have read.  (Also, Mr. Fixit is only 99 cents today!)

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  1. I just added this to my wishlist yesterday! Lol. Looks so good!

    -xoxo, Am

    1. I'm so glad you did and I hope you get a chance to read it soon! I'd love to know what you think once you've read the book.