Enforce, M. Malone

Enforce (The Force Duet Book 2) by [Malone, M., Malone, Nana]

Just as intense as the first!  Really great book.  There was quite a bit of drama with this one including some revelations that I really didn't expect.  Rafe played a bigger role in this book than the last, but merely because he was brought in by JJ's past.  Matthias also had moments where his POV was featured, so that makes me think that maybe he's next.  Especially with the hints about his own past coming around.  The stars, Jonas and JJ, were truly the stars here, though.  Each one of them had pivotal moments where they had to decide what was truly important.  I loved that they could be honest with themselves and then bring that honesty to what they brought to one another.  Honestly, this is really just a winning sequel to Force that brings two awesome people together despite the ridiculously traumatic things that happen in the world of Blake Security.

I was excited to see how this would turn out because I really love Jonas.  He's totally alpha and yet completely tender, caring, sweet, and loving.  He's the star for me.  He goes through his days thinking about JJ and everything that could possibly happen to and with her all while being his typical bad ass self on his protection details.  His past makes him particularly sensitive to abused women so when it comes to JJ and how much he loves her, he's willing to do anything and everything from falling into the hands of her longtime tormentor.  In his zeal, however, he fails to listen to the words she's saying, the advice she gives, relying instead on technology and Matt's surveillance.  This proves to be the wrong move and he nearly pays for it with what he loves.  The way that everything gets resolved is not only intense, but isn't exactly expected because it doesn't really follow the typical formula of alpha hero novels.  Must read to understand!

He has a good match in JJ with her fire, sensuality, caring, and determination to fight for her chosen family.  She's utterly fierce in her attempt to protect those she loves and almost makes a huge mistake.  From that point on she's more willing to allow others to protect her, but she begins doubting herself and falling deeper into her own thoughts.  Jonas knows her inside and out and helps her to move beyond that enough to trust him.  Ultimately she comes to trust not only him, but everyone in Blake Security with the full truth of her past.  That meeting brings up some serious awkwardness but it also gives greater insight into how to unmask Chameleon and his true motivations.

Impulsive women don't typically bother me, well, that's a lie.  They do.  But it's more that what they do is out of reaction instead of thinking ahead and planning for consequences.  More than once does JJ run off to do something rather impulsive and the consequences could have been truly awful both times.  When yet again her advice isn't taken to heart JJ and the other spitfire women of the clan go off and encounter something that could have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Overall, this was a really great book and I can't wait to see who's next to fall and find strength, love, and home in an equally awesome woman.  Maybe Matthias?

 Enforce, M. Malone

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