Gypsy Hunted, Andrea Drew

Gypsy Hunted (Gypsy Medium) by [Andrea Drew]

I thought this would be more about the telepathy, romance, and investigation but while the story did include all those elements it didn't come together very well for me.

The first thing that bothered me was how detached the writing felt. I didn't connect with any of the characters and I got bored while reading each of their thoughts.

Gypsy was determined and that's about her only stellar quality. Spending pretty much the entire book in the hospital doesn't help me know her and neither does seeing her personality and mannerisms change. It's like, once you think you know her a little she's no longer the same way she presented in chapter 1.

So she's this a widespread gift people have? Is it important to keep it a secret even if we're not really broadcasting it? Is this a world where everyone has, or has the potential to have, gifts? Not much is explained for this gift except that her niece has the same one and she uses something like a cross between this and astral projection to get answers. It seemed like a major point in the synopsis and then it wasn't given enough attention to fulfill that promise.

And then there's Connor. He's bottled up and hiding. His intentions are clear in the beginning and then hinted at near the end. His gift is kind of explained briefly but mostly it feels like a throwaway just so they can add in his "specialness' too. He's also more about secrets and angst than anything else. And what was up with the details about Kelly after the initial one-night internal admittance? Did we have to learn more about their past encounters at the press conference? Couldn't we have just learned that Kelly was the blonde he mentioned before? Not a good addition, in my opinion.

This book could have been great but with a lack of connection with the MC's, uninspired writing, a convoluted crime from three directions that isn't satisfactorily resolved, and an equally frustrating supporting cast, I ended up not being terribly impressed with the reality of the book. I don't believe in a romance between these two people and had a hard time seeing anything beyond an initial attraction right from the start.  I wanted this to be a great book, I even put off reading other books that I've committed to because I was excited about this one.  What a disappointment.  And now I'm even further behind in my reading.

Overall, the book was just meh. Not impressed 2.5 stars if I'm really stretching things.

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