Turned Up, Erin Nicholas

Turned Up (Taking Chances Book 3) by [Nicholas, Erin]

Fun, flirty, sexy, tender, competitive.  Kit and Dillon were a great match, constantly pushing one another to new heights and achievements that they wouldn't otherwise reach without one another.  There could definitely have been more conflict between the two of them with all the bickering, but this was done really well in that the biggest issue for Kit was slightly unexpected.  I was sure that there would be a big blow-up that made them realize that being softer in love would be the answer.  What happened was surprising and way, way better.

I loved Kit despite thinking that she was a little bit hard.  This is the first book in the series I've read so I had no idea what I would get other than what the synopsis intimated.  I didn't get a chance to know Kit from the periphery through the friendship in the other books but reading this one first didn't have me at a disadvantage.  Instead, what I got was pure, unadulterated Kit with her fire, desire, vulnerability, and passion.  She is completely passionate about her life, her job, her home, her friends, and even Dillon.  We find out that they have some seriously incendiary chemistry that draws them together time and time again.  How Kit deals with being pulled back into his orbit over and over is sweet but also riddled with anxiety.  Uncertain about his true motives for wanting her, she errs on the side of caution with a large side of sexy times.  That could work out to lasting happiness, right?

Luckily there's Dillon on the other side of their crazy union.  Dillon seems to be argumentative just for the thrill of it because he can't resist riling up Kit.  From the time they first clashed in the third grade until now he's always needling her, pushing her, fighting with her.  Loving her.  He just wasn't fully aware of it until a snowstorm blew in and trapped them at her grandma's house.  Here, under the covers of a blanket fort and warmed by a fire and s'mores he could truly see Kit for the first time, the Kit that often hid underneath all the cool, collected kick ass heroine that she usually portrays.  She's actually both things.  A kick ass woman with a softer side that only those closest to her are lucky enough to see.  Dillon is determined to love her and uses all the tools he has available to him to get her to give in, for the long-term.

The story was cute and fun and also relate-able.  I fell in love with these characters and their town.  I want to go back and read the other two books in the story to see the other kick ass women and their men struggle to find and keep their love despite all the natural disasters that seem to find them and their town.

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