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Christmas Opportunities by [Blackburn, Sydney] Crush on the Alpha Bear (Alpha Bears Book 4) by [Hartley, Emilia] Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Stuntman Edition by [McCarthy, Erin]

Christmas Opportunities by [Blackburn, Sydney]For such a short story it grabbed me and sucked me right in.   I loved both of these men and despite the length of this story, they were both engaging and their interplay was touching.  I actually wish this story were longer because I grew attached to these men.  Eric caught me more than Brady did, mostly because of his honesty.  He knew where he was in his life, knew what he needed to change, and had the strength to do what needed to be done.  He had the courage to bear his heart even if he knew things were temporary between him and Brady.  Unfortunately, that courage wasn't appreciated and Brady's reaction left quite a lot to be desired.   Eric's reaction in the airport during his departure was honest and real. Brady was caught in his head a little too much, more concerned with what he couldn't give than with what he could.  He gets over it, but only the fear that things might be too late spurs him to make the grand gesture.  I enjoyed the confessions, the heart, the tenderness, the promise of love and forever.  With the most charming boy and a truly spectacular dog that thinks he's a person, this book was heartwarming and perfect for the season and any other time of the year.  5 stars.

 Christmas Opportunities, Sydney Blackburn

Crush on the Alpha Bear (Alpha Bears Book 4) by [Hartley, Emilia]The MC's were young and inexperienced with life.  They were reactionary and immature as well.   When I say immature I don't mean snarky, irresponsible, or unpleasant, just that they come off as being late teens rather than early twenties.  Their pack is quite sheltered and it's pretty clear that all shifter packs are that way though some may be larger and some smaller.  Being sheltered means that their social skills and interpersonal relationships are immature as well.

As I read I was hoping that there would be some leveling out in their reactions but there was just so much that was more exaggerated than things needed to be.   I expected those types of reactions from high schoolers.  The drama between packs is off to an intense start and there is some interest to see how things play out, new characters that will be introduced, how Kelly gets a grip, and how Adam matures into the alpha he has the potential to become.  Emily has potential as well and her strength is spoken of but when things really come to a head that strength kind of flops.  Her innate sense of justice and caring for those who need help is there and I feel like that should take a pivotal role in helping to support and whip Adam into the shape he needs to be in.

 Overall, the book had some interesting points and has potential as a series though I wish the characters were more mature and better developed.  2.5 stars.

 Crush on the Alpha Bear, Emilia Hartley

Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Stuntman Edition by [McCarthy, Erin]This was feisty, flirty, and definitely fun.  I enjoyed Toni and her realistic view of herself and what she presents to the world.  She's real and not everyone's ideal for beauty and career but she owns every part of herself.  I liked that she found someone that she wouldn't have ordinarily fallen for because of one of her stunts.  It put her in a position to find a love that had actual potential because it put both people out of their element and made them take more than a second look.  Chase was a good partner for all of Toni's vivaciousness because he could be very grounding for her.  He did get bent out of shape after the incident with the fan, though, and while I don't blame him for feeling the way he did, I think he could have handled things better.  Same with Toni.  She was so quick to make a decision about their relationship without thinking things through.  Once they were in a position where cooler heads prevailed, though, they were mature and honest which bodes well for their future.  They both have good hearts and are willing to grow and learn about the other person.  I enjoyed this story and it was a good way to start the Jack Cooper series.  4 stars.

 Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Stuntman Edition, Erin McCarthy

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