Out, Cara Dee

Out by [Dee, Cara]

Immediately engaging.  I liked Zachary right away and despite all of of Henry's hesitance, I enjoyed him too.  The entire cast has personality that grabs you and won't let you go.  I wish that I had found this author sooner so I could have been enjoying her writing for a lot longer.  The length of this story was pretty spot-on because it gave ample time for all aspects of Zach and Henry's relationship to be addressed.  A couple things weren't completely resolved, but that's what Out For the Holidays is for.  The book ended on a happy, committed, hopeful note.  There was so much change for just about every character, especially the MC's, that it brought so much more meaning to the title of the book.  Out is much, much more than a sexuality statement, it's more of a statement of being.  Being free and open and out in every way that can matter.

There are a lot of excerpts to choose from but I like this one best because it kind of sums up a lot of the crazy, humor, and stress that Zach experiences and this is kind of the icing on the cake.  In a fit of pique and hurt feelings he snatches up Eagle and all his cat paraphernalia and makes the trek home only to be stopped in hot-as-freak Bakersfield.  While sitting there he catches a glimpse of his crazy and also what he could have had if Henry had enough faith in Zach to believe in his level of commitment.  There's a lot that goes on with that lack of faith but with Zach's youth Henry piles the age gap onto his fear and he ends up sabotaging himself and the future that Zach wants to much.

I was so impressed by Zach.  He's incredibly insightful and mature for his age.  His life hasn't been easy and he had to grow up really quickly.  Along with having to raise his younger brother and run a convenience store all while figuring out life, he came out surprisingly awesome.  He finally gets the chance to explore a part of himself that he'd been neglecting for a couple of years and is incredibly lucky to happen upon the perfect people to become his support.  It helps that one of them was a sexy older man that captivates and arouses him more than any other man before.

Sexy man Henry is also impressive because even though he tries to give Zach an out over and over again, he doesn't push him away.  He does his best to communicate and is open with how much he wants Zach.  Their interplay is both tender and incendiary.  They have awesome chemistry and also fit together like an old married couple.  So much win when they get things right.

And then there's the supporting cast.  Martin in all his flamboyance and pastries provides a really great foil for the more brooding Henry.  He is lightness and humor and honesty and insight.  Mattie is all kinds of acceptance and unconditional love for his brother.  He is also tremendously patient and just as insightful as Zach is.  With his love and snark they have the best sibling relationship.  Tyler is a bit more trouble but he's working through his own difficulty with his past.  As he stumbles along he has a great support system in every one else.  All in all, I'm in love.  All of these men are fantastic!  There are appearances by Noah and Julian as well as Dominic and Adrian that round out the cast.  I haven't read their stories but I absolutely will!

Overall, this is  an amazing story with healing, freedom, humor, craziness, new friends, and a lot of Purple Haze.  Zach truly gets Henry and Henry comes alive for Zach.  Definitely one of my new favorite books.

 Out, Cara Dee

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