Omega's Mission: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch

Omega’s Mission (Hood Ridge Omegas Book 1) by [Lynch, Reegan]
 Omega's Mission, Reegan Lynch
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This started out with a pretty hopeless situation.  You've got an Omega on the run from his brothers because of a twisted plan of deception as well as a sick idea of fun and sport.  These things combine to give a pretty accurate description of Ira's upbringing.  He's the youngest brother and presented as Omega despite being born to a family filled with sadistic Alphas.  Their land borders a pack known for a weak and easily manipulated Alpha.  Thus the reason for the "hunt" that sends Ira onto the rival pack's land.  Nothing is as he's been taught, though, and despite knowing that freedom lies only with completing his mission, his mind and heart are being turned toward Mal and away from his father's plot.

Mal is blindsided by his attraction for the Omega.  He knows he should be firm in his distrust and distance but he can't help but be drawn to Ira.  Unsure of how much Ira says is the truth he gives him the benefit of the doubt, especially when he learns of what life is like in the Hood Ridge pack for Omegas.  Determined to protect him and make Ira feel comfortable in his new home all while attempting to keep his lusts controlled, he makes the effort to get to know him and introduce him to his family.  Except there's a lot that Ira's holding back.

When enemies are revealed, threats are made, mercy is granted, and lusts fulfilled, both Mal and Ira are creating both a bond and a situation where the truth could tear apart everything good Mal is trying to achieve with Ira and also with his entire pack.  Enemies are everywhere and Ira's role could be taken by someone more determined to carry out his mission.  The cliffhanger ending is a real shock, not one I was expecting, and puts you on the edge of your seat for book 2.

I like Ira and his fierce need to protect himself as well as his desire to do what's right despite what he's been tasked with.  He's a good¢ man brought up in a world of twisted family.  Mal is also a good man.  He's trying hard to be everything his father was even though he's so young.  He has dissenters in his pack and is discovering that achieving a balance between everyone and everything is exhausting.  I like that he's such a good Alpha and that he's being honorable toward Ira.  His joy at their eventual union is so tender that I grow to like him even more.  I'm very interested to see what happens next.

 Omega's Mission: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch
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Omega's Choice (Hood Ridge Omegas Book 2) by [Lynch, Reegan]
 Omega's Choice: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch
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After four blissful days in the cave mating with Ira and forging the bond between us, everything begins to fall apart. All I want to do is reveal to my mate what I sensed, lying there with him: that he’s pregnant. That together, we’re going to have a child. But the moment we return to town, a different truth comes to light.

My mate, the one I vowed to protect until my dying day… has come to my pack to kill me.

And he’s not the only one.

Two more Hood Ridge Omegas have come to Three Rivers, sent as a trade: the two of them will stay and bear children for me… in exchange for Ira. Regardless of how the truth of Ira’s mission is tearing us apart, that’s a trade I refuse to make.

Even if refusing starts a war.

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