Omega's Choice: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch

Omega’s Choice (Hood Ridge Omegas Book 2) by [Lynch, Reegan]
 Omega's Choice, Reegan Lynch
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Just as intense as the first, this picks up right where Omega's Mission left off with the scene after the cave.  I can honestly say that this was not the complication that I saw coming.  It was both good and slightly not as good as I continued reading this story.  I'll start with the not-so good part first.

When two omegas and a lot of pack chaos is waiting for them when they return there are a lot of ways this could go.  What I didn't love was that Ira suddenly lost his alpha attitude in the face of two omegas he had no love for as well as his chosen mate.  Not that I wanted him to get snippy or forceful and therefore undermine Mal, but I wasn't expecting him to crumple at the face of Mal's reaction.  There is a way I can think that he could have gone about it but for the sake of not spoiling what did happen, I'll just let you come up with your own reaction.  So anyway...  I wish the steel in Ira's spine were there and it's missing through much of this book.

Another thing I didn't love was that there wasn't nearly enough of Cecil and Luke's story because of this particular book's length.  That should be taken care of with Omega's Heart because the twins' story is no where near complete, though, so it's a minor issue.

Now for what was great.  Ira and his brain and guts.  He's determined to think things through and not be so reactionary like his mate.  In the name of protecting all Mal is a little hot-headed and runs off to do what he thinks is best without taking enough time to pool his resources and think things through before acting.  Sure, he's decisive and intelligent, but he would be more of a true alpha if he used his pack to the best of their abilities.  Ira, however, is the best of both worlds here because he uses his brain and gets the assistance of someone who he knows doesn't like him or fully trust him.  He uses logic, planning, thinking, and action to cover what his mate cannot.  It puts him in danger, yes, but he's willing to sacrifice his well-being (not his life, don't confuse that here) for the sake of his chosen pack and his resolve is stunning.

I also like the way Mal's own resolve concerning Ira and his role changes.  He opens his mind and thinks of what should be rather than what others think should be.  Drama comes on the heels of that resolve, but because of his new-found determination, he's not derailed.  I'm excited to see how he and Ira grow together in the next book because things are coming to a serious place and their partnership needs to flourish amidst all the adversity.

So from our main couple with Ira and Mal we now move to the new couple with Cecil and Luke.  I have to say, Luke is coming up in the world for me.  I was constantly annoyed at his attitude and lack of willingness to get to the truth of Ira instead of making judgments and then continuing on in his harsh assessment rather than using his brain about the situation.  His trust is hard-won here and he's still working on that with Ira.  With Cecil, though, he's making more of an effort.  The attraction he feels sure helps with softening him to making Cecil feel safe, but he goes out of his way to accommodate and boost Cecil's confidence, safety, and enjoyment of his new life.  He knows there's more to Cecil than what he's seeing but he acknowledges that there's something deeper, a connection that might surpass his previous loyalties.

Cecil is shy, quiet, and sweet.  I look forward to getting to know him more as the series progresses.  Who he is independently from his twin.  Cyril is harder to pin down and I'm curious to see if he's hiding something genuine and good under his bluster, crassness, and attitude.  Will he continue or will he and his twin be torn apart by changing loyalties?  I'm eagerly anticipating Omega's Heart and what will happen with the twins' mission and hearts.

 Omega's Choice: Hood Ridge Omegas, Reegan Lynch
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Omega's Heart (Hood Ridge Omegas Book 3) by [Lynch, Reegan]
 Omega's Heart, Reegan Lynch
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After narrowly surviving a kidnapping attempt by Hood Ridge, Mal’s words when he sweeps me into his arms rock me to my core. I came to Three Rivers to bring death; instead, my mate and I have created life.

I’d do anything to protect my unborn child… and that’s easier said than done when there are still two other Hood Ridge Omegas in our midst, Omegas whose motives I don’t trust. Do I dare trust that Cyril and Cecil’s hearts are in the right place, when the lives of my mate and child are on the line?

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