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Making Home by [Bentham, Dev] Merry and Bright: A Novel by [Macomber, Debbie] Omega Teacher's Baby (Men of Meadowfall Book 2) by [Wineheart, Anna]

Making Home by [Bentham, Dev]These men do not have an easy life.  Both of them are struggling with what makes them happy, what brings them a measure of success, and who to include in their lives to enhance both.  Manu sacrificed career and the city to care for the mother he loves, the woman who gave up her whole life to ensure that his was better than her own.  He is sweet, tender, and a swarthy beauty of a man who captures Chris' attention without even trying.  It's too bad that every time Chris' mouth opens he inserts his foot.  And possibly his leg.  Up to his knee.  Watching Chris bungle each and every encounter with Manu was amusing and endearing.  They make a good partnership with more than enough chemistry to support the foundation they're building whether they intend to or not.  Manu is determined to keep things temporary despite how hard he's falling for Chris' quirkiness enthusiasm.  Chris is also trying not to fall for Manu's quiet strength and selflessness.  Neither of them are doing a very good job and avoiding their deeper feelings for one another.  The way they come together throughout the story and even at the end is sweet, tender, and full of hope.  I did expect that one of them would change their location but the one that ended up doing that was a bit surprising.  The outcome was slightly unexpected and a better ending than I could have imagined.  This was a really great story.  4 stars.
 Making Home, Dev Bentham

Merry and Bright: A Novel by [Macomber, Debbie]This was short, sweet, and full of Christmas cheer. Merry struggled with reconciling what she knew of Jayson versus what she adored about Jay. Jayson had no clue that Mary and Merry were in fact the same person. Putting their confusion and their hearts out front allowed them both to see that what's inside is what matters and that we can all change for the better. They each brought the best in one another and I liked them as a pair. Merry's family was absolutely wonderful and it's no wonder Merry turned out as loving and kind as she did. It's also no wonder that Jayson was drawn to that innate goodness. I didn't really like how Jayson reacted to finally learning the truth and I felt that there should have been more groveling, but overall the conclusion was very sweet and added to the warmth that was replete throughout the entire story.  3.5 stars.  

Omega Teacher's Baby (Men of Meadowfall Book 2) by [Wineheart, Anna]Okay, so this doesn't really qualify as a Quick Read, but since the review is fairly short I'm including it in this post anyway.

This book was alright.  I liked that Dale was a bit insecure and that Greg was too.  They weren't really a typical alpha/omega pairing and I enjoyed the different dynamics that were brought out in this story.  Greg has a lot of growing up to do, that's for sure, but he is only 22 so I'm okay with his immaturity.  To a point.  Him stepping up to be with Dale is the best part of him and I really love that he's willing despite being scared and unprepared for what life with a baby means.

Dale is vulnerable because of his age, his past, his insecurities, and because of how much of the consequences he will face because of his position and everything that he is.  When things blow up in their faces I ache for Dale because of just how high the cost is on his end.  I don't know that I enjoy where he's forced to go with his career.  I also don't see his confidence fully restored by the end but there is definite progress so I'm glad that Greg could help to build him up after Charles brought him so low.

It seems like there is a whole world of information about alphas and omegas and their hierarchy that I'm just supposed to know about even though it's only vaguely explained.  The story could also have been condensed quite a bit.  It felt like the halfway mark would never arrive, it dragged really badly.  Once things picked up it was one bad thing after another and a lot of heartache before the conclusion came.  The car vs. truck thing felt really out of place and I felt like something else should have been used as a carrier for the announcement and reunion.  Other than that, the story had some good points with the characters actually feeling like they should be together despite what was against them.  2.5 stars.
 Omega Teacher's Baby

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