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Tempt Me Tenderly (Heron's Landing Book 2) by [Morland, Iris] Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Short Romance by [Andrew, G.G.] Rockstar Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Bodyguards and Babies Book 2) by [Wynne, S.C. ]

Tempt Me Tenderly (Heron's Landing Book 2) by [Morland, Iris]This was actually the perfect title for this story.  With someone as shy and sweet as Grace tempting someone as troubled as Jaime it's apt because she truly does tempt him with tenderness.  She has much more than a sweet countenance, she's got fire inside of her too.  Grace is also underappreciated by her father and to a small extent, her older brother Adam as well.  Her heart is confused about what to do with her life but the one thing she's sure about is that the person that belongs in it is Jaime.  With one moment under an umbrella she's sure he's worth knowing.  With one kiss she's determined that he be hers.  Jaime has, unfortunately, put up seemingly insurmountable walls to keep them apart.  Absolutely sure that he doesn't deserve her he does his absolute best over and over and over to push her away.  I didn't like the last time he did it though.  But he did need the distance to realize that what he had was what he truly needed.  The villain was pretty predictable but the resources used to discover and condemn them were a great way to introduce supporting characters that will later have their own story.  It also showed just how much support is available if Jaime would just learn to accept that he's worthy of it.  Overall it was a sweet story with some pretty predictable relationship roadblocks that were overcome with hindsight revelations and heartfelt confessions.  3.5 stars.
 Tempt Me Tenderly, Iris Morland

Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Short Romance by [Andrew, G.G.]Even with the synopsis I wasn't expecting this story.  I liked that their chemistry was hot and present.  I also liked that there was honesty.  Honesty isn't always what we think it is, especially if it's altered by emotions and loyalties.  Zoe had some big changes in her life and her closest friend, Haley, needed a favor.  That favor became a pivotal moment in Zoe's life.  The connection used between Zoe and Evan was clever because it gave a really important foundation and starting point for Zoe to sift through truth and lies.  I wish we had Evan's mind but with a story as short as this one his feelings were adequately shown.  He's a rugged almost-recluse who wasn't expecting the bright spot that was Zoe.  With only passion and a deeper understanding based on literature they have a great start to something lasting.  Zoe's choices and resolutions bode well for her own life becoming what she really wants it to be.  4 stars.
 Somewhere Warm, G.G. Andrew

Rockstar Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Bodyguards and Babies Book 2) by [Wynne, S.C. ]The alpha/omega dynamic is always interesting because it's usually something we expect.  My favorite dynamics are where those roles become less important than the characters themselves.  This is one such relationship.  Colin is a solar eclipse omega, a special breed that is known by the Ancients.  I don't have a lot of background on this and at times those terms and structures were confusing.  Despite that, it was easy to see that he is terribly unsure of how to handle what he feels growing for Riley.  Riley isn't a typical alpha, he's understanding, generous, patient, and kind.  Colin isn't sure how to navigate what he feels for Riley especially because Riley seems to be such a good match.  With his own past fueling his insecurities and prejudice it's hard for Riley to overcome and be invited inside Colin's heart.  Riley wants so much more from Colin and is willing to reveal his own secret to the world both for himself and for the chance to be with Colin as more than a one night stand.  They are both building something beyond just sex and I appreciated all that they worked for before they found additional passion to add to their one evening.  They made a great team and brought out the best in one another.  With the drama of babies and careers neither are sure of much but when they work together you can see that there's a great deal of potential.  I enjoyed both of these men and how they overcame their individual obstacles as well as how they faced the rest as partners.  4 stars.
 Rockstar Baby, S.C. Wynne

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