New To The Game, Juno Chase

New To The Game (D.C. Knights Book 1) by [Chase, Juno]

The beginning was fun and I was really getting to know Chloe and like her.  She had a good head on her shoulders, knew the general direction she wanted to go and was set on making herself useful, valuable, and getting all the knowledge and experience this internship would allow her to.  As the story progressed I felt like she was losing sight of what she was all about.  She was easily distracted and I didn't enjoy her trying to get Harrison to make a decision for her.  She had a lot of contacts at her disposal and when she was put in a place where she needed to decide her path she could have thought things through a bit more instead of becoming more emotional than rational.  For her character I think she started strong and ended in a place that was more immature.   If the book were longer I think she could have been written better so that she didn't end up on a decline in strength.

Harrison was alright, we don't really know much about him as a person and I felt like we were shafted because he could have been a strong match for her.  He was intriguing, dark, sexy, and intelligent, but as the story moved forward I felt like he wasn't helping Chloe achieve her potential.  As a partner he could have been more encouraging, more solid.  Instead, his back and forth and his teasing helped turn her into a hormonal teenager rather than a woman of purpose and strength.  Her pluck and sexiness drew him in but they didn't really progress beyond that as individuals or a partnership.

Each of the characters could have been much more.  The book started strong and then ended in a way that you have to read the rest of the series to know the women and the outcome of the BINGO game but to also hope for more from each pairing, even in the periphery.   It was a pretty good book overall and a good start to the series.   I'd read more, but I'm hoping the author ups her game for the rest because if each woman stagnates or declines, I'll be disappointed.  Here's to hoping there's more and better from here on out...

New to the Game, Juno Chase

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