Haunted, Casey Ashwood


This was more of a tender story than a scary one.  Given the title you'd think it was meant to be more on the scary side but through the course of the story it becomes apparent that the haunting actually becomes a vehicle for something much larger, more important, and heartfelt.

Colby is totally awkward and more shy than most but is really trying to get out of his shell and experience life and people.  Well, he's planning to.  When a house is suddenly inherited from a recently deceased relative he's surprised to say the least.   It gives him an unexpected chance to make some necessary changes in his life.  The house comes with a bit of something...extra, though.  When he discusses the creepy noises and presence in his house with his friend he's encouraged to find a ghost hunter to investigate.

Declan is the hunter Colby gets to come check things out and there's more than a little interest on both their parts.  The ghost is what initially draws him to Colby but that interest quickly turns into something more, something based on reality and not the possibility of a haunting.  With his own painful past drawing him into this life and Colby as a possible future, he finds healing for his soul and his heart.

By solving the mystery behind Colby's haunting they are able to bring peace and resolution to the ghost, an old man, and to both Colby and Declan.  The ghost provides a way for each of these people (and even an aloof uncle) to make amends, find freedom from pain, answers to questions, and a way to accept themselves for who they are and who they love.  So it's not just a ghost story, the ghost was merely a tool for something else to get a message out.

This was an uplifting story with some creepy shadows that were well written.   I could feel Colby's nervousness and liked his shyness.  Declan was alright, but I felt closer to Colby.  Overall, the book was a quick read and enjoyable.

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 Haunted, Casey Ashwood

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