Brute, Teagan Kade

Brute by [Kade, Teagan]

With a self-aware yet cautious woman and a self-assured yet tortured man we have a great paring that bring love and healing to people who otherwise wouldn't have found it in such abundance.

Jeanie is caring for her great uncle and doing her best to just get by. Her past is full of abandonment and also love. She's had both so she straddles the line between reticent and friendly every day. With her life going the way it is she's not sure if she'll ever find someone who fits the list she created when she was younger. The list, however, is becoming a crutch. That list has kept her from finding a love that could last. This is both a blessing and a curse because when Mason rolls into town she doesn't have the jaded eyes that will let her accept what little Mason offers her. Well, the little he offers is only in reference to the future, the rest of what he could give her is quite the...endowment. A gift of passion and of what he's packin'.

Mason is a jaded lawyer who's determined to shed all of his snake skin and try on something else, the small-town mechanic. He's just getting set up and making his way in Silver Springs and then Jeanie walks into his shop. With her earnestness and rockin' body he becomes distracted and makes a huge blunder of a first meeting. The second meeting doesn't go much better. Over time, though, that huge wall he's put between him and any possible emotional entanglement slowly crumbles and he suddenly can't imagine what life would be like without the sweetness that Jeanie brings. He can't let himself accept it, though and is fast on the road to ruining what could be the best thing in his life.

Jeanie's ability to get upset then take a moment to breathe and think about the situation and then to come back and apologize, open her heart to be truly vulnerable, and admit Mason was right about some things shows humility and grace. Mason's ability to look back on his own life and make the big, hard decisions in order to make peace with his past and create the kind of future worthy of his potential and of Jeanie shows strength of character and emotional intelligence. Their road to happiness isn't easy with the past interfering on both sides but when they make it work it's full of heart, sweet confessions, passion, and forgiveness. They are a great pair, a wonderful partnership that heals all the broken pieces. I enjoyed reading their journey.

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 Brute, Teagan Kade

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