The Cat's Pajamas, Soraya May

The Cat's Pajamas by [May, Soraya]

I thought this was going to be more on the humorous side rather than a typical romance but that turned out to be an okay thing. The romance was believable and unhurried. Lots of sexy times sure helped things along as well... There was also good pacing throughout the story. Many details from Cat's past were mentioned in conversation between them but we never saw the discussion where he learned all those things so that was a little confusing but not a deal-breaker for believability. The humor came out in their interactions and kept the couple from seeming too stagnant or sex-focused. Together they were a good match.

Ryan was a modern-day Indiana Jones, minus the life-threatening situations, and despite his misguided attempts at keeping things with Cat going by keeping secrets, he was a tender, passionate man. He had love, a complicated situation with his father, and incredible intellect. He was also just a dude who made a mistake.

Cat was complicated, hard on herself, and just trying to find where she belonged. She found a place in the Wunderbar at the end of her travels and stayed. Was it where her heart was home? Perhaps not, but she couldn't see if that was really the case because she couldn't help but hold her heart aloof and separate from the community. Something was missing. Until she found Ryan.

The way that they came together was cute and steamy. Their resolution seemed obvious to the reader and the side characters but Cat and Ryan remained frustratingly oblivious to how they could make amends. In the end I was happy with how things came together. The epilogue was a bit more day-in-the-life but it did intimate what we could see in the next book with Bea as well as how sweet Ryan and Cat are together. Overall, this was a really cute story that drew me in to their community and I'm looking forward to the next book.

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