Books with Unrealized Potential

Tame me if you can by [Levi, Alexis J.] The Wolf and the King by [Veldura, Tami] The Billionaire's Dirty Virgin by [Adams, Lexi]

Tame me if you can by [Levi, Alexis J.]The writing was stilted and read like full sentences and paragraphs were copied and pasted from Google Translate. The romance took forever to get off the ground and was quite awkward, mostly because of how the book was written, but also because it was just a bit schizophrenic. Dynamics between all the characters were almost exhausting because there were so many. There was so much that could have been omitted or streamlined to make the book more clear, concise, and interesting. Bell's gift seemed like it would play a bigger part, it was certainly built up enough, but it was dropped later and not given enough attention to make it shine as it should have.

Overall, the story was fine, not great, just fine. It wasn't as funny or romantic as it could have been and needed serious editing.  2 Stars.

The Wolf and the King by [Veldura, Tami]I was really excited about this book.  Shifters, crossing class lines, fated much could have gone so right here.  Except when it was all put on paper it ended up being too much and too little.  There was no background on either man at all so we have nothing to keep us interested in who these people are, why they should be or stay together, what motivates them, what will keep them in our minds beyond turning the last page, or why we should even like or be drawn to them in the first place.  We have Parker who seems submissive in the blurb but then is quite the opposite in the story.  Then there's Kaleb who is under the abusive thumb of Richard and the blurb gives no hint to that horrendous situation.  Passion is one thing, and there's a good start to it, but then it gets desperate and not like the coming together of mates who join souls, just a way to end the pain of an incomplete bonding.  I do like the realization by Parker later that emotional bonding was what was needed.  There was also a great moment when Kaleb found the beginning of his inner strength too.  And the would-be husband seems like a great man and I was curious about him.

Overall, there was too much with Kaleb's past not explained or healed, too many shifter aspects not given their due (the switching of inner animals?), too many hangups about sexual acts (from Kaleb's side), an unbelievable and unsustainable relationship, and too little background on both men (but especially Parker) to recommend them as individuals or partners.  2 stars.

The Billionaire's Dirty Virgin by [Adams, Lexi]I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either. I like the idea of a sexually confident woman, virgin or not, and the synopsis offered the idea that that's what I would be getting. The reality was disappointing. Both characters were shallow and had very little in the way of admirable qualities or a believable relationship. Lust was there, naivety in spades, prick motives, cheesy realizations, lackluster confessions, quick and summarized reunions, and a general sense of meh. No, this book was not for me. Is it for others? Absolutely! It was a short book with steamy scenes and an HEA with reunions all around.  2 stars.

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