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So I think I'm going to do those cheesy alliteration day things I've seen and for most Wednesdays from here on out it'll be writing about an author I like and what I've read most recently from them.  So here goes...

 Jerry Cole Author Page

There are quite a few authors that I review for and genuinely enjoy.  One of them is Jerry Cole.  I enjoy reading and reviewing his books because, while I don't enjoy all of them, he has an engaging writing style, his characters are human and progress throughout the story, and he responds to emails.  I've written back and forth with him quite a few times about editing issues and other things and he's always very respectful.  He makes my opinion seem valid and useful even if he's got a bunch of other beta readers and an editor to tell him what I've told him.  There are lots of other authors that don't respond to anything, or when they do it's to give a crappy excuse that they never got the question or whatever and to try again only to have them go right back to not responding ever.  *So tempted to name names right now........

Anyway, Jerry's great.  He's even nice when I tell him that I didn't enjoy one of his books.  Not everyone can churn out perfection each time but I'm so glad that he's not one of the authors who like to pad their reviews and skew the ratings.  He appreciates honesty so my opinion of him is much higher than it would otherwise be.

Grace Notes by [Cole, Jerry]

Grace Notes is his most recent book and I truly enjoyed it. This book had a few moments of steam but more than anything it was about love, family, connection, and forgiveness. It was very sweet and gave such a feeling of hope in the end. From loneliness to love, Gil was changed the most in this story. As the main character, he was obviously the focus, but the whole thing really revolved around him and his reaction to all the changes thrust on him. Micah was good in the periphery, as he challenged Gill and encouraged him to continue loving Roxy as he has been. As for a love interest, I could believe it even if the romance was not the focus of the story. It was more of something that was added as incentive and encouragement to Gil. Roxy was sweet and precocious and wedged her way into Gil's trailer, life, and heart. She may have been the catalyst for Gil's transformation, but Gil was ready to accept that he was supremely lonely and that changes needed to happen.

Other books by Jerry Cole that would be great to check out:

Recipe for Romance by [Cole, Jerry]From start to finish I was engaged, feeling, and interested.  I liked the prissy yet vulnerable Timothy. I loved the no-nonsense yet tender Martin. Together they balanced one another and ignited passion as well. They were hot together and could also find the humor in so many things. The plot moved well, no surprises that seem out of place solely to increase the drama, just the kind that complicate things enough to make the MC's ponder on and value what is building between them as well as bring the dramatic events to some kind of resolution.  The resolution was simple and effective. Romantically it took a bit more but the confessions were sweet, direct, and hopeful. I really loved these characters and felt excited for their future. Honestly, I would have loved for this to be longer, not just because I like the book, but also because Martin's future was still a bit unresolved.

Hidden Currents by [Cole, Jerry]Overall, I really liked Hidden Currents. I liked Nick's forced confession of his feelings even though he was confused. I didn't really like all the time spent getting to the point at the hippie spa, but it laid ground work for later so it was forgivable. I liked Jason not always playing the typical uke to Nick's mountain man type of dominance. Together they were good and I think I like everything more for what I hope and see for them than was actually on the page. The ending really needed more. It was too abrupt and needed way more feels. I do wish there were more at the end to tie the two together and bring a real resolution to the couple as well as the story, but overall there was sweetness, confusion, frustration, pride, drama, and two men who finally found the person that could be exactly what they need in a partner.

He's Worth It by [Cole, Jerry]Chris was so very sweet and wonderful. Almost unrealistically so. When he got upset it was justified, so I'm glad he wasn't so boringly perfect. Jacob was more troubled, but a bit more dramatic about things. Often he lets his insecurities and fears guide his relationship with Chris though he cares for him a great deal. The way Chris and Jacob come together is hot. Definitely a plus for me.  In regards to the plot, it's simple, straightforward, conflicts are quickly resolved, and the steam is awesome. The ending of the story, however, did not play out how I thought it would at all. It definitely needs an epilogue or something. Aside from that, I liked the lighthearted feels in this book. A sweet pairing with hotness in the bedroom is a winning combo for me.

The Road Least Traveled by [Cole, Jerry]This was sweet, low on the angst, average steam level, and a well written story.  Greg took the sexuality issue in stride, his openness made it easier to handle what he was feeling, I suppose. There wasn't much of a coming out, though, so that's where the lack of angst comes from.  Alex was straightforward and not pushy. He was solid and I liked him, the little we learn of him anyway. There wasn't much that we learn about Alex and I would have loved to read his perspective, but even being all from Greg we see why Alex would come to love him.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Greece, but wished it was a bit more to the point instead of describing the mundane and somewhat boring bits of things. Other than that, the story was told simply; a nice, sweet love story between two men who seem completely opposed to who the other person is yet find common ground and love along the way.

Undercover Lover by [Cole, Jerry]Morgan is realistic and romantic in his ideas of what he wants for his future. He's also practical yet tender how he goes about dealing with the bombshell Jan lays on him. Jan is stuck between a rock and a hard place all of his own making. Yes, his company places him in the location, but he makes all the choices that get himself stuck. I don't feel like that is resolved by the end because it's taken out of his hands, but he does finally stop being an ostrich about everything with his head just stuck in the sand. Together they find a lot of struggles but also something that neither of them had found before. Jan needs the unconditional support that Morgan can offer. Morgan needs the self-sacrificing, unselfish heart that Jan brings to the table. Overall, their story is full of ups and downs, lots of steamy moments, and a ton of communication. I loved Morgan's open heart and honest feelings. He sold the story for me.

I've rated each book listed above at 4 or 5 stars. There are many more that I've read but listed my personal picks. So check him out, check out his books, send him a message if you want to. He's a great author to know and more often than not his books are well worth the time it takes to read.

His next book, The Road Trip, is set to be released on August 6th, 2017 and I'm looking forward to it. The blurb reminds me a bit of Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson. I've got high hopes for this one because I love college-age stories of young men finding themselves and experiencing all the highs and lows that go along with starting a life and finding where you're meant to go and who to be. I'll let you know in a few days if it lived up to my hopes for the story.

 The Road Trip, [Jerry Cole]

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