Encore, Candice Blake

Encore (An M/M Romance) by [BLAKE, CANDICE]

One broken and left behind, one broken and pretending to move on, two men who need each other more than their next breath.

Pacey is moving through life trying to fill the hole Adam made when he left six long years ago.  He thinks he's done it when he finds a drunk and unconscious Adam in a dark, dirty alley.  Saving him isn't something new to Pacey but he didn't think he'd ever be in a position to do it again.

Adam is drowning himself in drinking, drugs, and music.  What he can't seem to get enough of is doing nothing to fill his soul with what it craves, or rather who, but there's no way he'll ever admit to leaving the best part of his life behind when his career has the wings and momentum it currently has.  Once again, though, he'll need Pacey to get back on his feet whether he wants to accept it or not.

A chance encounter brings their lives together again and they find that they had no clue how much they missed their friendship.  Pacey had a better idea of that because when you're the one being left it's harder to forget.  Adam has the luxury of forgetting because he's surrounded himself with substances and adoration of millions to cover all the uncomfortable feelings of loneliness...at least until the crowds stop cheering, the guitar and microphone are packed up, and the high wears off.  Which is exactly what put him in Pacey's path.

As they reconnect and get to know one another now that they've got a bit more life experience under them they're drawn to one another in ways neither of them expected.  Childhood love deepens, broadens, and grows for Pacey and is now in an even worse place if Adam should leave like he's promising to do.  Adam is scared of what he feels for Pacey because it's not part of his career or personal plan at all.  When he draws Pacey in only to make the same mistake as before he has to decide if his original plan is really worth not having Pacey.  Will he let more time pass or will he be brave and give their love the Encore it really deserves?

They have a hell of a time navigating their confusing feelings, paparazzi, families, careers, and finding forgiveness.  Overall this story was good and they made a good couple when Adam got his head out of his...well, you know.  What they find when they make the right choices is passion, music straight from their souls, and a beautiful collaboration.

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