The Cop and His Omega, Beau Brown

The Cop and His Omega: Mpreg Romance by [Brown, Beau]

Trevor and Brock have a seriously awesome connection and I liked them both right from the very beginning.  As individuals they caught my attention, but together?  Gold.

Trevor is a hot cop alpha with a big heart for his family and a big...uh...something else for the guys he hooks up with.  His feelings don't have anything to do with these meetings until Brock.  There's just something special about him right from the outset.  Brock is the intelligent, attractive school psychologist who loves his job and hasn't had a night out, or in rather, in quite some time.  Ready to let loose a little he winds up at The Pink Cap with a coworker.  And who should be there?  But the hot cop that pulled him over for a burned-out taillight.

There's a serious vibe between the two of them and you can tell right away that there's nothing they can do to avoid it.  They're drawn to more than their exteriors, there's something intrinsically genuine within each of them that calls to the other.  With a high school mini crush on both parts that was left to simmer in the background forgotten until this meeting their new spark ignites something really exciting.

I liked their banter, their common interests, their likes are calling to likes and there's just enough between them that's different to keep them coming back to learn more.  Their chemistry is incendiary and fun to watch because they're both navigating some confusing but infinitely comfortable waters.  When things start becoming serious, however, their fears set them on a course for separation.  Neither wants to admit what they're feeling and it causes a rather unfortunate confrontation at The Pink Cap.

Trevor is confused and lets Brock leave, Brock is hurt but mature enough to know when things are becoming too heavy.  Except he's unaware of just how heavy the situation has become.  Their passion has created a little someone that's going to need extra consideration that neither Trevor nor Brock was expecting or even wanted at this point in their lives.  But now that they're on the outs, what kind of a future does that paint?

I loved the way they reconciled.  There was a bit of groveling, a ton of vulnerable honesty, feels, acceptance, and sweet relief.  This kind of situation has been drawn out with added angst, frustration, harsh words, self-preservation, and dick moves in other books I've read.  I can't tell you how happy I was that this wasn't the case.  Both men were genuine to who they were as well as to the fears that they feel about their new situation.  The respect and affection they both feel is perfect.

The drama wasn't over, though, because when their little bundle decided to make their appearance they didn't expect the possible devastation that appearance could have created.  In this moment we see our strong, confident alpha find true fear as he breaks a little under the weight of a possible world without the man he has come to love so desperately.  Family and friends rally around him and show him that there's love and support on all sides as they deal with unexpected trials.  All's well that ends well, though, and this book certainly ended well.  Mixing sex with honesty, nervousness, and feels at their start and their "end" make their story a total win.

From beginning to end I cared about these men and was invested in their outcome.  The writing was smooth and the characters were solid.  I'm a fan.  This is my first book from this author and I'm on board from here on out!

*Brock and Trevor can be yours for only $2.99!

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