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Hope's Gift: The Winters Family Christmas Novella by [Kelly, Terra] Hunter's Desire (Dragons Of Sin City Book 2) by [Ripley, Meg] Omega Father: A Steamy MM Mpreg Romance (Fated Omegas Book 2) by [Wolfe, James]

Hope's Gift: The Winters Family Christmas Novella by [Kelly, Terra]This was a really sweet story.  I'm a sucker for geeky or overlooked girls and handsome, genuine men who know that true worth isn't always found in a pretty package.  Awkwardness reigns supreme in Annie Jenkins.  Compassion rules Greyson Lane.  Together they find companionship, understanding, partnership, and love.  Hope is Greyson's Down Syndrome sister.  She's high functioning but there's no mistaking what she is.  That's not all she is, though, and Greyson has led a strict life when it comes to dating women based on whether they accept her for all that she is.  Hope wants him to know that dating someone isn't about her but he can't seem to move forward with any woman who can't be comfortable with his sister.  Annie, however, captures both his interest and his respect.  She's genuinely good, hugely awkward, and honestly innocent.  She also adores Hope.  With the help of a storm, a window display competition, and Hope with her cookies, Greyson and Annie find romance and a partnership meant to last.  Such a sweet story that had lots of feels.  4 stars.

 Hope's Gift, Terra Kelly

Hunter's Desire (Dragons Of Sin City Book 2) by [Ripley, Meg]Hunter's Desire is great with a strong, intelligent woman and a dragon who knows what true treasure is.  This was a very short story that featured Claire, an archaeologist who is searching for something specific while doing her best to keep her secrets hidden, especially from the enigmatic and magnetic Noah.  Her mission is simple but the reason behind it is anything but.  Noah is drawn to her beauty as well as her intelligence.  They each have mysterious and magical pasts but what draws them together in the first place is much more elemental, much more based on lust and passion than either is ready to deal with.  Drama surrounds them and there's one person in particular that isn't happy with their attraction.  Damon, Noah's brother, is bound and determined to keep his family's secret, one that he's sure that Claire will learn and reveal.  When he has her cornered Noah discovers that he's anything but willing to let Damon carry out his deadly mission.

These two people are a good match for one another but I wish there were more of them getting to know one another without basing all their interactions on their mutual passion for one another.  They're hot together, there's no argument there, but to base a forever connection on that alone isn't so great.  There's more to recommend Claire than Noah and if the book were longer I'm sure that their relationship would be given enough attention.  Overall, the story was interesting, steamy, and a good addition to what I'm sure is a great series.  3.5 stars.

 Hunter's Desire, Meg Ripley

Omega Father: A Steamy MM Mpreg Romance (Fated Omegas Book 2) by [Wolfe, James]A complicated past keep Edward and Blaine from finding lasting happiness with one another in this enemies to lovers story.  While we only get Edward's POV, we can see that there was a lot of torment from one party to another.  Their youth is the real culprit as well as peer pressure and there's no excuse for being mean and unkind to a true friend, but there is always a way to find redemption.  Blaine was definitely young and fell under the weight of his peer's expectations of alpha behavior leaving Edward bereft, betrayed, and alone.  One moment was all it took to break Edward's trust and his little boy heart.  Realizing later that it was the biggest mistake of his life Blaine attempts to find forgiveness.  Edward is dead set on withholding it though.  With one moment of passion their lives are set to change forever.  Blaine is sure they're mates, Edward is sure they're not.

I found Edward immature and flighty.  He wasn't my favorite.  I truly enjoyed Blaine, though, despite the set-up of him being the worst man on the planet in Edward's opinion.  The outcome of their relationship and the story was more than satisfactory, though, and made me see Edward as someone more.  Not only did he mature when he realized that there was so much more to the demonized Blaine of his memory, but for the sake of their future he is making great strides to become his best self.  Overall this was a good story but without Blaine's POV I was left feeling a little annoyed through most of the book because I didn't like Edward as much.  3 stars.

 Omega Father, James Wolfe

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