No Limits: No Shame, Nora Phoenix

No Limits (No Shame Series Book 2) by [Phoenix, Nora]

Josh and Connor finally get their start to this series.  I started feeling very attached to sweet, shy, damaged Josh in No Filter, Book 1 of the No Shame series.  He is so selfless in the amount of himself that he gives for others that he cares for.  With Indy it's a chance to see what intimacy and sex can be, with Noah it's relief from pain, companionship, and unconditional love.  They all find love with one another in a way that would normally make me cringe and completely avoid the story altogether but the way Nora puts these men together is something beautiful.

With the introduction of Connor I was nervous that this would turn into an M/M/M/M polyamory book and I was so not down with that.  I was skittish enough when it was Indy, Noah, and Josh together.  What happens here, though, is a meeting of souls.  Josh needs something specific and what he has with Noah and Indy, while comfortable and loving and passionate, doesn't completely fulfill him in all the ways he needs.  There's something missing even though he's relatively happy with how things are currently.

Connor has needs as well.  He isn't sure what he needs or how to fulfill them because he's so limited in experience.  His confidence is shot because of difficult sexual situations he's been in in the past.  When Noah gives him the all-clear in No Filter to express interest in Josh he waits until he can't wait any longer.  Their first moment together, though, is frustratingly short and no one is clear on anything.  Josh decides to go out of his comfort zone and approach Connor because there's a chance that there could be more and he can't let it escape.

From here things move quickly to serious hotness and connection like they've never experienced.  It becomes very clear almost immediately that they are what they've been seeking but didn't think they'd ever find.  When complications arise with Connor and Indy's pasts clashing it seems like what they've been just starting to build is going to crumble before anything can stick.  Indy is important to Josh and while he doesn't want to give up what he could have with Connor, he's committed to keeping Indy safe and happy.  The strain on their relationship could mean the end for them.

Indy, however, sees that Connor is probably being truthful and also sees how much Josh needs him.  He's willing to try and to stay because of his love for Josh and Noah.  There are hints that Connor is holding something back and we don't get to see exactly what that is in this story and I suspect it'll be something rather huge, maybe in No Fear?  Despite that something being held back Connor does have the best interests of Indy, and especially Josh, at heart and does what he can to show faith until they can all trust him.  With the exception of Noah...maybe.

Noah and Connor butt heads quite a bit in the beginning because of their needs for domination and pecking order in their house of complicated affections.  Neither are willing to back down and it's causing some serious tension for everyone.  A paintball game and a trip to the E.R. and things can finally find a way to happiness but it's that trip to the E.R. that sends Indy running.

Indy loves Noah so much but can't see past his need to run.  He's not running from Noah, not really, but he doesn't see how he can stay either.  His past feels like it's nipping at his heels so he goes and attempts to get a new life again.  His heart, however, is a much stronger pull and he makes moves to go back to where his heart is home.

When he learns about Josh's own past coming back to haunt them all he goes vigilante and preemptively cuts it off before it can get back to Josh.  He is seriously badass and I'm impressed that sweet, tender, scared Indy can be ballsy and determined.  His willingness to do everything in his power to protect his chosen family is awesome and I'm even more in love with him.

Overall this is an intense story and I'm very much a fan of where things are going for these couples.  Josh is getting what he needs in Connor and moving away from the sexual connection he has with Noah and Indy.  Indy is moving closer to Noah and away from the fears of his past.  Connor finds perfection in his vulnerable lover, Josh, and is determined to protect them all under the same roof.  Noah is willing to let go of his dependency on Josh to give him his freedom to pursue Connor fully and to allow his own relationship with Indy to truly flourish.  Each of these men are worth loving and their finding themselves through all the drama that surrounds them.

Nothing is completely resolved, though, because Indy's past is still out there pursuing him.  Josh's brother is in the picture.  Connor's secret is still a secret.  There is a lot of potential for No Fear to be really great and I'm excited to see where things go from here.

 No Limits: No Shame, Nora Phoenix

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