Loving Graham, Kenna Knight

Loving Graham by [Knight, Kenna]

I love humble men who set aside their fears to go after what they know they want even if they don't think they deserve it.  Both Graham and Levi have pasts that brought them pain, vulnerability, insecurities, and, ultimately, to this point in their lives where they're ready for something more whether they realize it or not.  Hotness, passion, compassion, heart, tenderness, forgiveness, understanding, healing...this book is full of all kinds of feels that hooked me right from the start.

Graham is an uber hot tattooed stylist god and with one look almost knocks Levi on his ass.  There's an instant attraction and he ticks all of Levi's boxes.  It's too bad he's a victim and Levi's case.  As Levi navigates the case he finds himself drawn deeper into Graham's life.  Actually, he's tossed right into the deep end with a giant backyard party at Graham's filled with Tease employees and their families where he's cornered into accepting a date.  Then there's their first date at the family home where he meets the entire Welsh clan.  Having never had a family of his own he's awed, envious, overwhelmed, and full of longing.  Unsure of what to make of Graham, his intentions, and his own desires warring with fears, he gets swept up in the momentum of their relationship and the drama that surrounds them.

Levi, the hot cop, has all of Graham's attention right from the beginning.  His business is being threatened by someone and it feels like it's an attack on his family since he's filled Tease with people he cares for.  Feeling overwhelmed, devastated, and extremely confused he's caught off-guard by his attraction to Levi.  And with his dark past he's determined not to get too close.  Until he can't keep his mouth from running ahead by asking Levi on a date.  And then bringing him to meet his family.  And then asking him to take his drug-addicted employee to rehab two states away.  And then falling in love with him.

Their journey is a bit tumultuous because of the robberies as well as the intense confessions of history that they're both sure will spell the end of them.  Neither shies away from the other, though, and their love grows stronger when they bear all the dark and ugly that lives inside them.  With patience and understanding they find a road to healing.  Both of these men are exceptional human beings.  They are so inherently good that they find something special, someone deserving of all the goodness that they have to offer.  Except they find a few stumbling blocks that they're not sure they can get around.  Levi overreacts and oversteps, Graham runs away.  Each time, though, they decide that love is more important, stronger than fear.  With one final revelation they discover that fate won't let them be apart, they were always meant to be together.  From the moment Levi was born their paths were set to collide.  All their struggles, trials, disappointments, everything was leading them to become what the other person would need for their future.

I really, really liked this story.  An enormous amount of feels were packed in and I had a hard time not finishing in one go.  Kids and food, however, were important...  I was impressed with how quickly I came to be invested in these men and their happiness and outcome.  As with Loving Noah, these men weren't perfect, they were human.  They needed something that could probably be found in others, but no one as completely as the author ultimately paired them with.  Such a great MC pairing with absolutely stellar besties in Gloria and Nicky.  The whole cast is made of win and the drama wasn't so large that it eclipsed the focus of the story, it focused it and allowed the romance to be what it was meant to become.

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