A Hero's Honor: Resolution Ranch (Flint Hills Military Heroes) Book 1, Tessa Layne

A Hero's Honor: Resolution Ranch (Flint Hills Military Heroes Book 1) by [Layne, Tessa]

When disaster strikes the small town of Prairie the community comes together and supports one another. Elaine doesn't think she's included because she hasn't been there all that long and is afraid of both her past coming to demolish her efforts at a new life and that she'll wear out her welcome with how much she needs the good graces of those around her. What she doesn't realize is that they've already adopted her and her son, Dax, as their own. She also doesn't see the interest of a certain police chief who can't seem to untie his tongue around her. For the last two years they've danced around one another and are still oblivious to the other person's interest. With a few well-timed nudges from friends they find a way to get closer.

Getting closer, however, is fraught with all kinds of struggles. Travis and his rules, Elaine's reluctance to take risks, his job, her jobs, his past, her past...all these things swirl around just under the surface that their love will have to fight tooth and nail to find any kind of satisfaction. Their desire is potent and their chemistry draws them back to one another time and time again. When the past is revealed in a less-than-ideal way their faith in each other is tested and they have to decide what they truly want their future to look like and whether there's a place for them in it.

I especially like that Elaine was strong and determined despite her past, or maybe really because of it. With tragedy and such a low place to come from she managed to stay a good woman with a good heart and raise a wonderful boy. Then finding a strong, protective, supportive man? Greatness. Overall this was a wonderful story and I'm really excited for the subsequent books and learning all about the men and their women at Resolution Ranch.

 A Hero's Honor, Tessa Layne

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