Stronger Than Truth, Dakila Reed

Stronger than Truth by [Reed, Dakila]

This was both as dark and as hopeful as I expected. Regem and Liam were almost doomed from the word "go" to be on opposite sides of the fence and yet to also become partners in a way neither of them could have predicted. Not all is as it seems and there are some things that are stronger than truth.

Liam is in a situation that seems like it's either too cruel to be true or just too cruel. The real truth was slightly predictable, but not in the simple way you would think. He's not just a good guy in a bad situation, nor is he seeking a way out. That's not really a spoiler, it's what you would go in assuming because of how awful he's painted. Well, there's so much more to the story and to Liam that the only way to know him and why he does what he does is to read the story. I liked Liam, even with his brutality.

Regem was a bit more annoying to me. I understand about his past and his prejudices, but his attitude toward Liam is more than frustrating because he's blinding himself to just about everything except his own personal angst and taking things at their face value. With his job and supposed intelligence he should know to open his eyes and mind wider, to see the truth behind what's visible, and to know that not everything is as black and white as he wants it to be.  He eventually gets there, but he experiences another heartbreaking moment before he realizes just what he could have had.

The whole book was filled with difficult situations and more lows than highs.  In then end, though, it became worth it because it wouldn't have felt right if it didn't.  I wish the very end were a bit longer to solidify the happiness that they're beginning to have, but it ends with hope and love so I can't really complain.  There wasn't really any steam in the entirety of the story and the physical coming together of Liam and Regem was more about healing and acceptance and building a future than it was about passion and excitement.

Without reading the first book the world is a little confusing because there are so many things that are unfamiliar and unexplained.  I would recommend reading the series from the beginning but more for the world everyone exists in rather than continuity of relationships and characters.  The world could have been described better.  When I say better, I don't mean the number of words used, because there's no shortage on Hemingway-esque descriptions, but I mean clear and concise information would be quite helpful.  But overall, the ending was satisfactory and made me a little interested in the world that was created.

 Stronger Than Truth, Dakila Reed

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