Six Impossible Things continued...

Six Impossible Things (4 Book Series) by  Skylar Hill

Six Impossible Things: Part Three by [Hill, Skylar]...Continuing where things left off with the sudden appearance of the ex, Nora and Luke find that there's so much more to their potential than fun and common interests.  There's genuine caring, no jealousy, no games, and more than a little passion.  Luke isn't put off by the ex and deals with his posturing with grace, maturity, and such impeccably displayed apathy that it ended up being the perfect burn.  My respect for Luke jumped a thousand notches with that.  Nora was equally impressed.  Even more so with their trip to the cabin.  With a festival of regret and incredible passion they found a deeper level of caring and concern.  By sharing what they regret from their past with one another they get a glimpse into what they each suffer with.  Letting go of regrets can seem impossible, but with a good partner who genuinely cares about your happiness and well-being, you can find healing and a way to move beyond what holds you down.  By capping things off with some incredible heat and immense tenderness in Luke's cabin we can see just how perfectly Luke and Nora complement one another.  I'm way excited to see what their next date is going to be!  5 stars.

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 Six Impossible Things Part 3, Skylar Hill

Six Impossible Things: Part Four by [Hill, Skylar]The steam just doesn't quit between these two!  With even more lovin' to be had at the cabin they get a little bit of a late start heading back into town and Nora gets to show off her rosy glow to her best friends while registering for baby items for Margeaux.  Nora has great friends who are enthusiastic and supportive of Nora's happiness and fulfillment in more than just the bedroom.  They truly care for her and want her budding relationship with Luke to succeed because they can see that the two are perfect partners for one another.  Testament to that is Nora's way of getting to the heart of Luke no matter what happens.  With a sensual, open, honest, and vulnerable photo shoot she gets to see a part of him that he usually closes off from those who don't already know.  My favorite part of this book is the second email Nora sends Luke after the shoot.  Showing her care, concern, and understanding of what she captured in him is clearly demonstrating that she truly sees Luke and isn't afraid of what's there.  I am a little apprehensive about what's coming in terms of the connection between the brothers.  Not that I'm dreading it or think that it'll ruin things, but I can see a bit of fireworks and drama approaching and I'm both eager and nervous to see how it will all play out.  Overall, this part of the story is more subtle and insightful but no less wonderful for Nora and Luke's courtship  4.5 stars.

*Only 97¢!
 Six Impossible Things Part 4, Skylar Hill

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