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Dragon's First Rule (Dragons of Midnight Book 1) by [Milan, Silver] Lupine Road by [Matthews, Cal] Rescuing Bryn (Delta Force Heroes Book 6) by [Stoker, Susan]

Dragon's First Rule (Dragons of Midnight Book 1) by [Milan, Silver]The beginning was intriguing, exciting, and interesting. As Jett and Ariel got closer to one another I could feel something big building for them. As they fell deeper in like (not love at this point), all that made Ariel a fighter, a strong woman, an independent woman, shrank to nothingness. Everything that made her really great in the beginning disappeared and I couldn't understand why she would be written that way. Jett went through a character change as well. He got softer, more introspective, more tender. Those changes were good. His immaturity regarding his kingdom and seeing the potential problems with those he left not just in charge, but as a support system around him once he made his choice, was extremely disappointing. And why wouldn't a king be able to look at the dumb laws of the past and change what was necessary for his race to form better ties to the races he was so used to belittling? The end is a definite opening for the next book in the series and is interesting enough that I'd look forward to seeing who and what comes next. I had some strong suspicions about who the villain(s) might be but either that's coming down the pike or I am completely wrong. I'm interested to see if I am. 2.5 stars.

Lupine Road by [Matthews, Cal]This was a pretty solid book that felt like the beginning of a series rather than a standalone novel. Although that's probably because I've been reading series after series lately. Nevertheless, there were intimations toward unfinished business and that probably gave it that feeling. I enjoyed how sweet Cyrus was. Despite his alpha tendencies he had a heart and was drawn toward the seemingly broken Nate. He was hardworking, as honest as he could be, understanding, patient, and kind. There were also endearing moments when he stuck his foot in his mouth so seeing him bungling his apologies for those moments was surprisingly cute. Nate wasn't nearly as broken as he appeared, instead he had a quiet strength and determination despite his insecurities. They were good for one another. The drama surrounding them was interesting but I constantly felt like I was missing something, like this was a second in a series and the background was already given. Lacking details gave the book a more ominous and mysterious vibe that was mostly forgivable, except there were lots of things not explained by the end. The reckoning was big and messy and a bit more "realistic" with outcomes than other novels that have the alpha suddenly finding the strength to vanquish all foes. The emotional conclusion, however, was a bit lacking. I'm not actually sure what was missing, it just felt like more was held back than necessary. Overall, the book was a solid read, and enjoyable.  3 stars.

Rescuing Bryn (Delta Force Heroes Book 6) by [Stoker, Susan]To be honest, I totally procrastinated on reading this book.  But how was I to know that Bryn would be quirky yet awesome and Dane would be both tender and badass?!  So Bryn with her incredible brain and difficulty with common sense and time management is so very endearing.  What she does for Dane in the beginning is perceptive and understanding with no pity or self-serving motives.  Dane doesn't comprehend that people are actually decent, mostly because he isn't decent to himself.  He says hurtful things to Bryn and later comes to regret it for pretty much the rest of the book.  As he falls for her he also finds healing through her fascination and complete lack of awareness.  Her intuitive way of caring for him and lack of caring for his status as an amputee is enough to give him hope and solace when he was missing it in himself.  The entire story is filled with his tender groveling and falling for the brainy Bryn.  Together they make a really great pair.  I love that Bryn isn't so ditzy that she doesn't recognize her own mistakes and strive to overcome them.  She's resilient and extremely quick when following Dane's cues when she gets into trouble.  Dane's team of friends are absolutely amazing and I want to know more about them and read their stories.  The whole story is filled with cute moments, passion, seemingly random factoids, quirkiness, and sweetness.  5 stars.

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