Elemental Dragons, Emilia Hartley

Elemental Dragons (4 Book Series) by  Emilia Hartley Emilia  Hartley

I received ARCs for books 2-4 because I got on this dragon train a bit late.  I've enjoyed all three books so far and each have earned a solid 3 stars for the most part.  There's a bit of a shaky world build and the characters could use some work, but overall the stories are good and flow easily well from one to the next.  There's a definite cohesiveness that is nice to see in this series and I'm more than willing to read more and find out more of how these dragons find their mates, band together as a species with their allies and forge their own peaceful, cooperative futures.

The Dragon's Lover (Elemental Dragons Book 2) by [Hartley, Emilia]I liked where the book was headed. There was a lot of promise with this story but I feel like it fell short on a few points. Overall, however, the book was enjoyable and the feels were relatively strong. It made me interested in the series as well as other books by this author.
Quinn had the potential to be a really strong character. She has the past, the excitement, the strength, the wit, the intelligence, and the beauty both inside and out to be a really well-rounded character. Where that fell short was in how much drama was packed into a relatively short book. There was too much going on and not enough focus to let her strengths really shine. Instead, she came off as being a bit flighty, unfocused, and overwhelmed by the emotions that came at her from virtually every direction. Being overwhelmed is understandable, I just feel like we read her as being constantly overwhelmed instead of level-headed, a trait we're made to think she has in the beginning.

Isaac had a great start too. He was passionate and interesting. The rest of the story didn't really do him justice though. We were also teased with learning more about his past but get no follow through there. Will there be more of him in the next book, even obliquely?

There could have been a great deal more of them together actually building something and establishing a connection and a foundation. What we were given was a bit superficial and then there's a ton of drama from many sources, and then the ending is hopeful and a little bit romantic. The story itself could use a lot of paring down and refining to make the events cohesive and the romance one that connects both characters and you as a the reader. 2.5 stars.

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 The Dragon's Lover, Emilia Hartley

The Dragon's Woman (Elemental Dragons Book 3) by [Hartley, Emilia]My heart aches when mate bonds are shunned, denied, or broken.  Marc has so much patience with Noelle though I don't think she always deserves it.  With her past I can understand her hesitation but I find her actions more than frustrating because of how long she denies who she knows is a good man.  Her dragon man is wonderful and I'm definitely on his side on this one.  They make a good partnership, however, when they band together to do something dangerous, a bit reckless, and for the good of their dragon family.  When they come together their passion is intense and filled with so much of Marc's heart that I find myself forgiving Noelle a little bit.  I do find her withholding important information frustrating, though, because for once I thought she was going to do the better thing, the right thing, but it turns out that she just goes right back to being a team of one while giving her mate lip service, both literally and figuratively.  When the worse comes to worst, though, she gives him the trust he deserves and he gives it right back.  Their mission is complete, but not without some losses, some gains, and discoveries that serve to help with all kinds of healing.  Overall, this story was pretty good and ended with light and humor when the beginning didn't promise such.  3 stars.

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 The Dragon's Woman, Emilia Hartley

The Dragon's Charm (Elemental Dragons Book 4) by [Hartley, Emilia ]This was Kenji's story and I was eagerly awaiting this one.  His partner, Morgan, was actually a good match for him. I did feel like they didn't truly end up on the same page, even in the end, but they were on their way there, so that was good.    I had quite a few moments where I got choked up on Kenji's behalf.   He was trying so hard to find his place, to become a version of himself and couldn't do it on his own.   Morgan was trying to make her place, to attain her dream but could do with a little support.   Together they could achieve all of that but life kept getting in the way of their future as individuals and as mates.   The GOE are ramping up their efforts in dragon domination and manipulation and it seems, throughout most of this book, that they just might succeed.  With modern technology and a few individuals who aren't afraid to stand up and speak out against injustice, they find that a peaceful future just might be possible.  Overall, this story was quite dramatic and had a very hopeful outcome.  3 stars.

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 The Dragon's Charm, Emilia Hartley

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