An Endless Kind of Love, Krista Lakes

 An Endless Kind of Love, Krista Lakes

This was a really sweet story with two people who have larger than average hearts.  One of them is escaping a past to find peace, the other is just escaping.  With Bonnie feeling like trouble is behind every tree and around every corner learning to let her guard down just long enough to let Dylan in is much harder than she thought it would be.  Not harder because letting him in is difficult, but harder because, no matter how hard she tries, she just can't keep him out.  Finding peace and healing and safety in a place that feels more like home than anywhere else keeps these two people together despite the mounting danger that works behind the scenes.  With more tenderness than tumult, these two find their own happy-ever-after and even find an addition to make everything sweeter.

Bonnie is on the run from something in her past and not from something she did, but what her brother got into.  I like her vulnerability and her innate kindness.  None of the danger following her can dim the light she has inside and it's irresistible to Dylan.  He makes a really good partner for her because he's seen flights of fancy, fake sweetness, the rat race, and more money than you can count and still chose to leave it all behind for something peaceful, something real.  When Bonnie shows up he's found the perfect addition to that ideal.  They have their ups and downs but my favorite thing about this story is that there was always honesty, communication, respect, and selflessness before the passion came in to round everything out.  They're great complements to one another and their HEA is absolutely believable.  Adding Tyson to the mix is the icing on the cake.

With the drama being built up but swiftly and mostly silently taken care of, the focus remained on peace and finding their true path, one that led them to one another and kept them on Mia and Carter's ranch.  There they could use all their talents and determination to make the camp even more of a safe haven and a place of healing and adjusting.  This was a solidly enjoyable story and is a perfect addition to the series.

 An Endless Kind of Love, Krista Lakes

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A Forever Kind of Love: A Billionaire Small Town Love Story (Kinds of Love Book 1) by [Lakes, Krista]

Between running a company and a recent attempt on his life, billionaire Carter Williamson doesn't need any more stress. So when a trio of orphan children breaks into the Colorado ranch he's hiding out in, his first instinct is to just let the police handle it. That was before their spunky social worker Mia showed up.


Mia Amesworth has worked hard to make sure that the Smith kids aren't separated from each other, but she can only do so much. With her own body unable to produce children, the kids are the closest thing to a family she's got. When the handsome ranch owner offers to let the three troublemakers pay for the damages with hard work over the summer, she happily accepts. When he suggests they go on a date, she can't say yes fast enough.

Even though Carter's secret assailant keeps threatening him, he feels like he might be falling for the small town girl. And though Mia knows that a family might not be in the cards for her future, she longs to create a life with Carter.

And then, a miracle happens...
 A Forever Kind of Love, Krista Lakes

A Hopeful Kind of Love: A Kinds of Love Novella by [Lakes, Krista]Ethan

Billionaire Ethan White was only in Colorado to support a friend. Without his help, Mia’s fundraiser for the kids could pull in less money. There was no way that he wanted to run into an old flame. Not at all.

Well, maybe just a little…


Laura Corbett hated a certain billionaire with every fiber of her being. She thought he crushed her heart on purpose. So when he showed up at the same charity fundraiser that she was working, she thought it was the worst thing that could happen to her night. Not until her little brother went missing in the blizzard did she realize how bad it could become.

Ethan and Laura must work together to find a missing child before its too late. Will this draw the once-lovers back together, or push them further apart?

Will they find the boy in time?
 A Hopeful Kind of Love, Krista Lakes

A Wonderful Kind of Love: A Billionaire Small Town Love Story (Kinds of Love Book 2) by [Lakes, Krista]

There are only two things that make billionaire Ethan White's heart race: fast cars and Laura Corbett. Unfortnately, Laura wants nothing to do with his playboy ways. Ethan thnks that everyone has the wrong idea about him, including his stalker, and he's determined to prove them all wrong. When Ethan's business partner wants to open a new car R&D facility in Colorado, he jumps at the opportunity to be closer to his two passions.


Thrust into the new responsibility of raising her siblings by the death of her parents, Laura Corbett doesn't have time for awkward hookups, let alone a relationship. So when the billionaire she had a one night stand with shows up in town, she pretends he doesn't exist. She can't let anything come between her and her family.

But nothing can prepare her for the way that Ethan connects with her brother and sister. And she can't deny the fact that jumping in his bed makes her come alive. Everything seems like it'll be normal again, maybe even better than normal.

But Ethan's stalker disagrees...
 A Wonderful Kind of Love, Krista Lakes

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