Seek, Anne Conley

Seek (Pierce Securities Book 7) by [Conley, Anne]

I read the blurb and teaser months ago and was really excited for this book.  It mostly lived up to those expectations and I'm glad I signed up to read it.  I also enjoyed that Ryan played a pretty significant role in this book because I liked him so much in Craze, the first book in the Pierce Security series.  Each of the men in the security firm have their charm but I've only read Ryan's story and now Zack's, so while I'm interested in the others, I'm invested in the ones I've come to know.

So anyway, Zack is damaged, snarky, funny, blind, and completely in love with Bonnie.  Bonnie is totally in love with Zack but was hurt by something he did when they were young and together so she's become a bit closed off, feisty, and independent.  She's also become the target for a stalker and has come under the protection of her family and, by extension, the security firm which they own and run.  She's scared and mad that she's scared.  When all her drama seems to be in her rear-view she sets out to build a happy life but constantly runs into the walls her brothers have erected around her.  One of those walls is the one between her and Zack.  She thinks she's grateful for it because of how much she's been hurt by him, but by putting a wall there it has become a constant reminder of the one man who knew her better than anyone else.  Bonnie thought she knew him that well too.

Zack's blindness is a constant stumbling block, both literally and figuratively.  I liked that he was frustrated but learning to cope.  His frustration was real, believable, and drew me in because he was so determined to be useful despite his disability.  He's got a great support team.  What he doesn't have is the one person he always wanted and has been going about all the wrong ways of getting another view of her before it's too late and he's completely blind.  The exclamation near the end outside the hospital was absolutely gut-wrenching and made me so mad at Quinn.  Honestly, until I read his story I don't think I'm a huge fan of him at all.  It's one thing to be protective of a little sister, it's another thing to take the hurt from the past and to let it fester and ruin what was once a friendship so close it was like they were siblings.  To constantly hurl it in the other guy's face is overboard for me.

The drama is intense, nothing unexpected with the author, and was well-written.  Bonnie is kick ass and thinks more than acts.  I absolutely admire that about her.  Her immaturity when it comes to Zack isn't so nice, but when she allows herself to think about what happened instead of reacting to it she can see the events for what they were.  Seeing the truth behind the action brought her a new perspective that ultimately led to healing and forgiveness.  It didn't hurt at all that she and Zack were just as hot for one another as they've always been.

Overall, this was a really great book.  I liked how real and how strong these characters were.  The drama was big, crazy, interconnected with other plots, and still focused and clear.  Definitely worth reading!

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Craze (Pierce Securities Book 1) by [Conley, Anne]

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