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Player (Caribbean Nights Book 1) by [Marsh, Anne] Full Disclosure (Real Estate Relations Book 1) by [Jamison, DJ] The Token Yank by [Truman, A.J.]

Player (Caribbean Nights Book 1) by [Marsh, Anne]Anne Marsh has a really great way of making humor, passion, forgiveness, and great women all part of the same book.  This book is no different.  With the ridiculous antics of Finn, the humor from Vali and her girls, the interplay between them and their groups as well as between one another, I was amused from beginning to end.  I also enjoyed that Vali knew who she was, what she wanted, and was strong enough to stand up for herself by herself.  She deserved a good man and beneath all the swagger, Finn has the best heart.  He's open to more because he initially wants to get laid, but his heart soon overcomes his slightly smaller head.  With a new goal, one of keeping Vali, he's got himself to overcome and, surprise surprise, something from his past too.  Or does he?  With the quick resolution the focus was on heart, love, commitment, and passion.  I was so very glad that Vali was more mature and that what we thought would be the huge drama kind of wasn't.  An absolutely fun, great read.  4 stars.
 The Player, Anne Marsh

Full Disclosure (Real Estate Relations Book 1) by [Jamison, DJ]This was a cute story of Cam and Reid finding love where they least expected it.  Cam is trying so hard to find himself and to find work that he can stick with.  Not just for a paycheck, although that's a definite benefit, but to find something he truly enjoys doing, somewhere that shows he's really capable.  He's trying his hardest with real estate and is having zero luck.  It's always hard in the beginning and while he doesn't begrudge his best friend's success, he is getting tired of his own silent comparisons.  When what seems like the perfect house falls into his lap he goes above and beyond (and a little silent) to keep it in his lap.  What Reid doesn't know about his experience and success rate won't hurt him, right?  Well, when the sexy voiced man shows up he's got a little explaining to do.  I mean, it's not every day when his client finds him mostly naked in the house he's supposed to be selling, you know?  Reid knows he shouldn't stare, or fantasize, or ogle, or even trust the towel-clad hottie in his house but he's helpless against Cam's obvious innocence as well as his attractiveness.  Except he's got a witness posing as his boyfriend and an unexpected realtor in his living room.

As they both come to terms with their individual situations the humor and passion become apparent and they do their best to navigate what might keep them apart.  Watching them come together and overcome all the drama that they face is endearing, sweet, and entertaining.  It's a cute story with a satisfying resolution.  It also ends with a great opening for the next book...  3.5 stars.
 Full Disclosure, DJ Jamison

The Token Yank by [Truman, A.J.]I really enjoyed this one. I do feel, though that young loves experiencing a huge amount of emotional changes and upheavals in a short amount of time aren't likely to become HEA's, but this book had a pretty hopeful ending. Things moved pretty fast for these guys and their interactions were really endearing...most of the time. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about Nate showing up and all the revelations he brought near the end. The way Rafe reacted to him was believable but not exactly promising for a mature relationship. Rafe's decision to stay longer versus not was handled with more maturity than I expected, especially after how we see that he didn't exactly cover all his bases in the beginning and with the complete newness with everything going on with Eamonn.

Eamonn was a different story with his frustrating reluctance to fully reciprocate what Rafe was willing to give him.  His lackluster interest in the things he knew he would be good at for himself was disappointing.  These are both young men learning what it's like to be themselves and to pine for someone they're not sure will be fully committed to them despite yearning desperately for it to happen.  They need to figure out how to be solid individuals before they can be ideal partners and I think the ending suggested that that's what they were working on so I was pretty satisfied with that.  Overall, there was a ton of steam, angst, young love, impulsiveness, more than a few Midori Sours, and some Atlantic-spanning commitment.  A thoroughly enjoyable read.  3.5 stars.
 The Token Yank, A.J. Truman

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