Protecting Dakota, Susan Stoker

Protecting Dakota (Sleeper SEALs Book 1) by [Stoker, Susan, Sisters, Suspense]

Usually I gravitate toward a younger set of MC's because it's closer to my own age and tastes. This book, however, made me see that a more mature coupling can be just as intense, tender, and relate-able. From start to finish both of these people made me want more. I could have used a bit more background on each of them and would also do well to read the related stories to know the men and women surrounding and supporting Cutter, but overall, I felt like I could know these people and want them in my life. Well, if my life involved kidnapping, terrorists, and other life-threatening situations.

Dakota was a solid, strong woman with a good head on her shoulders. She knew what she wanted but was able to adapt to her new life on the run. Knowing that she was in danger she used her brain to get away and to stay sane while doing so. With Cutter's appearance she found something she needed more than she ever knew she would. Having his protection and support was a boon indeed, but it was also his passion, devotion, and tenderness that had been completely missing in her life up to this point that won her love and trust. Confident that he would be around for her and come for her if she should need him she allowed herself to share and grow into the woman she knew was inside. Cutter was a great partner for her and together they were an awesome pairing.

The drama was plentiful and there wasn't a quick save to keep Dakota or anyone else from experiencing stress, trauma, and borderline despair. I though this was a realistic and mature way to handle all the stuff going down. Not everyone gets saved in the nick of time and there's always something that people have to heal from and the situations in this story shouldn't be any different. I really enjoyed how things were handled. There were some pretty cheesy moments, but they weren't so bad that I would wish them gone, they just felt a little weird and made the conclusion feel slightly mystic instead of grounded. Not bad, just a bit farther than I expected it to go even with all the destiny references between them throughout the book. Still a great read!

 Protecting Dakota, Susan Stoker

*Caroline played a big role in helping and supporting Dakota.  Read her story for free!
Protecting Caroline (SEAL of Protection Book 1) by [Stoker, Susan]
 Protecting Caroline, Susan Stoker

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