Our Demons, Best Friends, Diana T. Scott

Our demons, best friends (Half of me Book 1) by [Scott, Diana T.]

I loved this book! There were so many feels all over the place, messy, inconvenient, self-sacrificing, heart-aching, triumphant, melty feels.

These two people were so broken and so perfect for each other because they each provided the balm of healing and the depth of understanding neither one had found thus far in their lives.  Not even Ava's parents could feel what she felt with the loss of her twin.  And for someone as intentionally isolated as Sebastian, her pain meant he found someone who could provide solace and empathy.  I am absolutely in love with both of these characters.

There were so many ups and downs in the story, but from the very beginning I was captivated by the MC's as much as they were by each other.  Ava struggled to be the best of both twins and was very lucky to find the group of friends she did right from the start.  They were easy and effortless but not the kind of ease that breeds carelessness or situations that are taken advantage of in a negative way.  Each of the people in their little group provided something different, something irreplaceable and Ava found in them a family and solid support system.  They all knew what to expect from their circumstances because they all faced the same ones, but each provided a different perspective, a way of seeing issues and dealing with them that made their whole experience less painful, stressful, and lonely.  You can see which characters will be featured in the connected stories and I'm SO EXCITED to read them!

When she meets Sebastian it's fascination and confusion at first sight.  Neither of those things ends until about the end of the book.  It's an intense ride from feel to feel, insight to insight, connection to connection.

Sebastian's point of view was implied and inferred and I really wished I had his thoughts throughout the story  When they came, though, I was almost glad I didn't get anything from him until then.  We skipped his internal angsting and self-sacrifice in the name of protecting Ava from his demons and go right to the new Sebastian, the one who finally accepts everything Ava can give him, the one who is so sappy and tender and passionate that we almost don't recognize him.  It. Is. AWESOME!!

Weeks later and I'm still thinking about this book and can't think of anything to decrease the rating or my enjoyment.

*Follow the whole series, connected but each stand alone and each are awesome!
Our demons, best friends (Half of me Book 1) by [Scott, Diana T.] Love Me While I'm Gone (Half of Me Book 2) by [Scott, Diana T.] Color Me Yours (Half of Me Book 3) by [Scott, Diana T.]

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