Burning Transgressions, Liam Kingsley

Burning Transgressions (Shifter City Book 1)

At first I thought it was going to be a quick read, you know, not a ton of pages and a fast and shallow yet enjoyable read, so I sighed a slightly disappointed sigh when I saw it was just over 250 pages. Dang, I was disappointed when it was over! I wanted more from Logan and Hail. Maybe a couple few chapters about how Logan settled, a couple more passionate arguments, reveals, and seeing Logan's wonder at the new things that came with a life with Hail. I became so invested in their lives that I felt discontented and crestfallen that the story was over.

Logan was hard, sarcastic, subtly sexy, definitely damaged, and very world-wise. Also a total badass. Hail was seemingly young and naive, had hope, was excitable, and surprisingly passionate They make a great team because Logan needs everything good that Hail offers and Hail needed adventure and the wildness that Logan embodies. Hail was slightly predictable with his responses to Logan and the things that being outside Regis Thyme requires but Logan was both predictable and refreshingly different when his responses to Hail weren't rife with biting sarcasm. It gave Logan depth and interest.

Mariella was the only stand-out side character that I truly enjoyed in this book. The others were definitely more peripheral and could be interesting if they had their own books, but for the purposes of this one, it was more the Logan show with Hail as a sidekick and Mariella as supporting cast. There was nothing wrong with that set-up, not at all, it was just the way it was written. Although I would be interested in reading about Dr. Snow. He stuck out to me even though he gets a tiny amount of page time. And Hail's story. We get a promise of more about his background but there was no follow through with it, so that would be nice to have.

Overall, the story was exciting, enjoyable, and well worth the time it took to read. There was passion, compassion, humor, drama, and explosions of the incendiary and pleasurable kind. Absolutely full of win.

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