Wedding Day, Erin Bevan

This was a really cute story. We have Dallas who never met a challenge he didn't like and Cassie who is likely to be the biggest challenge. And also the biggest reward Dallas has ever met.

Cassie is innocent, hard working, and a devoted mother. She loves her family and is committed to them and her community so jumps at the chance to move her and her daughter back to Frisbee, TX. The only thing in the way of her peaceful life is a busy boyfriend and a handsome blast from the past. She tried valiantly to steer clear of Dallas' overt charms but doesn't stand a chance when he decides to pursue her relentlessly. He worms his way into her life and into her heart.

Dallas is looking for some fun while he's recovering from a broken wrist and sees his brother's challenge as the perfect distraction. When he finally sees the object of the town's interest, the new veterinarian seems unaffected by his advances. His interest in her becomes something genuine and his eyes are opened to a future he didn't know he wanted. He's ready to make some changes for his auburn-haired beauties and hopes his plans work out.

Meanwhile, we've got jealous people on both sides of this relationship that try their best to come between Dallas and Cassie. Insecurities and misunderstandings do their damage and before we know it there's a whole lot of groveling that needs to happen. The confessions are sweet and the resolution is simply handled despite the dramatic crescendo it reaches.

There was more sweetness than steam for the couple. I'm not a fan of the fade out or skip scene thing for the sexy times, but all the other intimate moments had a good zing so I can probably overlook that.

The supporting cast was really good. Spencer and Brody's story should definitely be told. Eloise is quite the stand-out character and I wish she were present a bit more, even though she's almost more periphery than side-kick.

Overall, this was a great read, very sweet and entertaining. I willingly read and reviewed this ARC from the author.

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