The Road Trip, Jerry Cole

The Road Trip by [Cole, Jerry]

This wasn't at all like I expected. There was a lot more drama, more angst than I thought there would be based on the synopsis. I would have loved to have both POV's, but if we got Jordan's mind it would have blown the surprise. I mean, you can only evade so much before suspicions become mistrust. They were already headed there before the purpose of the trip was discovered.

The purpose was much more serious than I thought it would be. And while I do think Dyson was over the top in his reaction, I believe that his concerns and worries were absolutely valid. Knowing Jordan as he does Dyson has every right to wonder where their future is going. His insecurities, however, blind him to the other part of Jordan that would only allow him to be sincere, honest, and committed to Dyson once he makes up his mind. I'm actually not completely sold on Jordan because I don't really see him as a non-flighty guy. He's solid, yes, and committed too, but there's this nebulous sense that he just wants everything that he wants, and doesn't like compromise. He does think things out, like what he confessed to Dyson about him versus McKenna, and that made me more willing to like him, but I'm just not 100% team Jordan yet.

An entire future is left a bit up in the air and I wished there were an epilogue of some kind to let us know if Dyson recommitted himself to his art instead of being a bank teller, if McKenna warms up to Jordan, how Dyson and McKenna bond...there's just a lot that I would like to have seen to give it a more solid HEA rather than an HFN and some solid guesses that an HEA is implied. The ending was a bit more like a race up-hill and then a fade-out once you just crested that rise and it needed a bit of a settling rather than ending on more upheaval. Now, the setting of the final scene is gorgeous and a bit full-circle so it's not a bad ending, just slightly unsatisfying.

Overall, this is a good book with a lot of angst and insecurity, some good confessions, a determined and fierce Jordan, and a nice friends-to-lovers story.

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