The Hunt, Alice Ward

The Hunt

Tumultuous to say the least. Passionately moving and intense.  This was a great book that had more downs than ups, but those ups were so full of feels that it left you with a feeling of hope, change, love, and healing.  The downs came from things we all experience in life but Caitlyn and KP both had them heaped on in such a short time frame that it was a wonder that both of them found it in themselves to rise above.  Luckily, they had one another.

I really liked Caitlyn.  I admired her strength of character and honesty.  She came from intensely horrific beginnings and because of her feisty, irreverent, phenomenal grandmother, she found in herself a way to rise above, to become a genuinely good human.  Their humor together was quite remarkable and a true testament to how awesome her g-ma was.  Throughout the entire story Caitlyn was consistent with her beliefs, her dreams, and her heart.  She was the good that KP needed in his life to overcome his own awful upbringing and resulting lifestyle.

KP was a good man.  At first he was just a sexed-up billionaire who considered rejection a challenge.  His thing with Rachael was testament to that and I was actually prepared to dislike him.  Honestly, when a character starts out as KP did I am almost guaranteed not to like them throughout the entirety of the story.  Alice, however, is amazing at bringing out the human, the real man out from behind all that dreck.  His emotional turnaround was really good.  He was honest with Caitlyn, himself, Luke, and even Rachael when she made it extremely difficult for him.  I was surprised about his desire for fidelity, that he tried so very hard to be what he knew Caitlyn needed from him.  Anyone going from what he was to what he became would struggle and he struggled valiantly and triumphantly.  It's not his fault Rachael was a part of his womanizing past and a total biotch as well.

My favorite characters were definitely Eula and Wenton.  The MC's were awesome, yes, but these two people brought this book to another level of great.  Eula was Caitlyn's g-ma and a true quality human being.  She was fun, real, honest, and said the most perfect things for the situation.  I honestly wanted to screenshot so many things she said in regards to her feelings for Cait and her own next step.  Wenton was one of those special people who only know how to be good.  Born with what we generally term an illness or a disability he embodied everything that was good and right with humanity and none of the avarice, selfishness, or darkness so, really, what some think as less than capable, a reason to be marginalized is actually the way we all ought to be.  True greatness and tenderness in the two people in the book that send both Caitlyn and KP to their knees and, ultimately, one another's arms.

Overall, this was a really, really great book.  I enjoyed getting to know everyone here in KP and Cait's world.  I could have had a story of Luke and Alicia all on their own instead of catching glimpses of them through the moments of sharing between Luke and KP, though...  Anyway, awesome book, well worth the time spent reading and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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