Quick Reads and Quick Reviews 3

This was a cute story that was an enjoyable way to pass the time. Ash was self-absorbed yet still very sweet, he just didn't know what he had until he tried to push his own ideas of performance onto Emma. Emma had already been hurt by the loss of her sport, but maybe, just maybe, she could find the courage to let Ash see just how much more he could have with her as more than his best friend. As they both navigated their present with eyes on two seemingly opposed futures they found something deeper than they thought possible. Ash's revelation of Emma versus girls on the road was so sweet and a bit surprising for what I expected him to be. Emma was more fragile than I expected but far more mature...until she started with the avoidance, then I was a bit less impressed. Her solo time on the slopes made me proud though. Both Ash and Emma did their soul searching and healed themselves in a way that made them coming together much better. How it all played out was simple and yet still cute to follow. 3.5 stars.

There was a lot of sweetness at the end that almost made up for the melodramatic ups and downs of the relationship featured in this story. Lizzie is forever running from Trent and their past, never truly able to heal and move on. Trent is forever burying himself in his work to escape Lizzie, their past, and the trauma of his own upbringing. Together they could either find heaven or hell, and the road they take to find their end is fraught with emotional crises. Overall, this is a good book, interesting, contains small amounts of tenderness, a lot of denied chemistry, repeating history, and healing. I could have done without all the immaturity and martyr mindset, but that was not only something intrinsic to each character, but also to their relationship. Without that I'm not sure there would have been any real conflict that could bridge the gap and give the romance a second chance. Still a good read though.  3.5 stars.

I was surprised by how this book turned out.  There was a lot of steam and chemistry and more than enough drama that should have left a sour taste for me, yet the hope and healing that happened near the end was good.

Seeing Halston grow up, grow into the woman she was always meant to become was gratifying. Watching Ford become more bitter and dismissive as time passed was disappointing but from his perspective, totally predictable. The way they came together was a bit unexpected and I was glad for the confessions and realizations that opened the door to tenderness, understanding, and a very bright future. I would have liked more in the way of descriptive resolution instead of a feeling that with a single conversation the pain of the past was gone. The healing and the ending felt rushed and glossed over when so much drama and heartache got chapter after chapter.

Overall I liked the book more for the ending and the tenderness that was there in the end as well as the honesty that was in the beginning before things fell apart. Things came full circle romantically and ended on a note of hope, love, and rightness that was well worth the frustration.  3.5 stars.

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