Hung, Anne Marsh

 Hung by [Marsh, Anne]

This was actually a mistake.  I didn't mean to request to be a reviewer and I was hoping I wouldn't be selected by the author.  Well, I did and I wasn't very excited about it.  And then I read the book.  Aside from the many editing errors and the cheesiness and over-the-top mentions of male genitalia, I really, really liked this book.  It was funny, sweet, dramatic, and totally saucy.  Absolutely worth the short time it took to read.

Pick is unapologetic, huge, determined, and thrown for a loop by all that is Sara Jo.  Sara Jo is quirky, bold, sensual, and obviously hiding from someone.  There's all kinds of sparks between and around them and they quickly become more than just interested.  When the past catches up with Sara Jo her unlikely knight is willing and patient and, most importantly, he's on her side no matter what "authority" that past holds.

This was a really quick story with what could probably be more HEA than HFN because of the feelings near the end as well as the confessions and concessions, but there's no real mention of the future in concrete terms.  Pick was awesome, my favorite in the whole thing, and I did quite like Sara Jo so overall this was a good book.  Way more amusing and entertaining than I thought it would be.  The title is apt because of the appendage Pick wields, but I was concerned that it would read more like an adult film and have Sara Jo turn into a moody, vapid bimbo.  Thankfully that was not the case.  I was very happy to be surprised.

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