Celebrating Love, Maryann Jordan

Celebrating Love (Saints Protection & Investigations Book 9) by [Jordan, Maryann]
I really loved this book.  This is the first book from this author that I've read and I'm hooked.  Book one in the Saints Protection & Investigations series, Serial Love, is currently free on Amazon and I just bought it to get involved with these men and women from the beginning.  Bayley was energetic, super quirky, observant, enthusiastic, optimistic, and courageous.  I loved her.  She allowed her brain to rule over her fear and was willing to voice her suspicions even if she wasn't sure that they were valid.  Her quoting Agatha Christie was unique and special because it was just another way that made her both memorable and cute.  Nick was OCD, loyal, hardworking, devoted, smart, and willing to open himself to all that is Bayley.  Together they were sweet, inspiring, and supportive.

Nick, I feel, was the more complicated of the MC's because had both the duration and events of this particular story and also because of the changes going on in his life.  Nick was becoming disenchanted with all the politics, maneuvering, and backstabbing that was going on in his particular alphabet.  And then there were his personal complications coming from family and his neuroses.  With Bayley he could start to truly see the future, one where he didn't expect himself to be, and was clearly open to what all those changes meant.  I really enjoyed how soft he became, so accepting of all that Bayley is.

I'm excited for the next, to get to know Nate, Scarlett, and Agnes.  Well written, good pacing, intriguing characters, believable relationships, and villains who both were and were not villainous.  In fact, I was so sure of who the real bad guy was that I had a small surprise when there was more to that story than met the eye.  I probably should have seen it coming but honestly, the way it was written made me think that it wouldn't be the usual outcome.  So I had suspicions and then thought I knew and then the real villain was the unexpectedly expected person.  Confusing?  Yeah, you'll just have to read the story to know what I mean.  But I liked how it played out.

Overall, this was a really fun read.  It was complicated enough that it stayed interesting and with the perspectives of other characters it felt well-rounded and helped the resolution to feel satisfying and complete.

*Serial Love is free at time of posting

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